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Tushar @tty

I realised I just downloaded 700MB in a minute.
In contrast, downloading an Ubuntu CD over bittorrent used to take an entire night 10 years ago.
My desktop at that time had a lot of noisy fans and fancy LEDs. I would start the download and sleep in all the noise and light. I guess we valued bandwidth back then :D

@tty Oh, you've never done Slackware over dialup I see :) @ 2400 buad == 1.44Mb ~ 1hour

@tty Each directory (a1, a2, a3.. ) was a 1.44Mb(3.5" floppy sized) and you needed most of them to get a full Slackware Linux install - mirrors.slackware.com/slackwar

Haha. Nope. The slowest I've experienced is 56k and back then I didn't know if there's anything like free software out there. It was just a different world.
And I had to cut down my exploring after the phone bill shot through the roof a couple of times. But those were some pretty good days.