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thurloat ๐Ÿ“Œ @thurloat

Looking for some feedback on a Sonic The Hedgehog themed controller for my nephew for Christmas. It's part of a sonic themed gift.

Which one looks more "sonic-y"?

ยท 3 ยท 2

@thurloat the first one makes me think of his sneakers

Based on some feedback on the winning design A, a 3rd design:

I think this one might be a win.

Agreed! Option 3 is a better design!

@Supernova ordered just now!

I love their controller designer. I think this is the 4th one I've purchased from that builder over the years since its been live.

@thurloat @Supernova Yeah I don't have an Xbox but as soon as that designer went live I bought a controller to use with my desktop PC (and Steam Link).

@keithzg @Supernova love the theme!

same deal here, I don't have an xbox one, just use them for emulators and steam streaming to the TV