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Another season of Bell buying your email address from a random company [ specific to site] to spam you about how they're doing such good work on mental health.

Virtue signalling much? Literally wasting money buying lists of people so they can inform you of how excellent they are.

ULPT: In terms of ad campaigns, this is probably dirt cheap too. You get others to spam for you in exchange for promises of pennies donated in their name.

thurloat ๐Ÿ“Œ @thurloat

I'm not saying that the donations that Bell puts into the mental health world aren't useful, or needed, but they certainly don't need us cheering them for literally every penny.

I'm not seeing the Gates foundation asking for likes, retweets, and hashtags to send vaccines for malaria each time.

The foundation just does it, that's doing good in the world.

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@thurloat yo bill doing a double dab for likes would be lit af