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If you're running a instance and it has more than just your personal toots housed on it -- you are responsible for the safety and longevity of that data. People are investing time and effort into communication on your platform. You owe it to them to keep regular off-site backups, and learning how to run this bloody thing so it doesn't explode on you one day and leave you saying: "why did docker delete my database", or " my vps provider shut me down, and I've lost all my user data".

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Its cool if you want to set it up for fun and poke around, but I've seen and heard of instances with hundreds of users and thousands of toots just dissapearing into the night.

Heck, a bunch of the sidekiq tasks are failed because some instances DNS doesn't event resolve anymore for users who are followed from people on my instance.

.@thurloat Boosting this to say that docker is NOT production ready (imo) and your DB and Redis should ABSOLUTELY be hosted separately from your main instance with individual persistent storage for both.

@thurloat I don't think the admin owes the people nothing (based on a free service). He invest time and money and if he thinks it's not worth his time well he shuts it down (also backups cost time and money)

@thurloat this challenge is probably about code of conduct. Similar to when a big commercial company shuts down a service. If I ever join the federation (likely) with a service, it will only host a small userbase (wife & kids).

@thurloat I mean, it's nice of you to do your best to have backups and stuff, but I hope you're not losing sleep over it. Don't want you sweating in bed worrying about the server lol. It's cool, man.

@cc I haven't slept in weeks. ๐Ÿค–

@pixel9 oftentimes administrators ask for, and receive donations from their user base.

@thurloat And those that donate/contribute should be the only ones expecting any data safety or longevity. I do think, however, if admins do NOT have mechanisms in place to back up & protect data, they should be up front about it. A terms of use statement would be fine.