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who do you trust more with your privacy and personal data?

Apple or Google?

"Neither" is not allowed 😝 I'm curious as to which one is more trusted

@snowdusk_ yeah, Apple seems be be making a go out of just taking your money directly rather than trying to find sneaky ways to monetize you. Deploying things like encryption, sane browser behavior and USB ports that shut down to thwart law enforcement overreach.

I’m extracting myself from Google’s ecosystem but that doesn’t mean I’m blindly moving to iCloud et al. I’m actually replacing things like online storage with encrypted usb drives and streaming music with local MP3s.

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I cannot find a more recent graph that I saw (maybe it's even in my feed from a couple of months ago), but here you can find out the difference :)

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ok, I can say right away that the Amazon one is wrong.

Amazon intentionally *loses* money via their storefront so that they can pay no taxes on the massive amount of money they make via AWS.

Sean Conlan 🍺 @sconlan @snowdusk_ @skynebula it could be right since the chart shows “revenue” and not profit. They take in lots of money from selling stuff but we don’t know how much is left after expenses. AWS probably results in more profit.