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nigelsezyarr @nigelsezyarr

FWIW, pics from the in Vancouver on Friday

@mpjgregoire Uh, I missed the speeches, mostly. The march had a bunch of different chants, but I'd say the big takeaway was "We demand action." From what I've heard, the speeches were mostly from local indigegnious leaders and youth

@nigelsezyarr We had a big march in Montréal a couple of weeks ago — I thought about participating, but I was busy at work. Then a day or two later they blocked traffic on my way home.

Anyway, I subsequently did research about the Extinction Rebellion movement. No very specific actions demanded alas:

It's fun to march and chant and feel that you're doing your part to save the world; but I'd like to see people saying, "Double the price of my gas."