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And the thing is 200k isn't a lot of money to a company like Microsoft.

They say they disagree with 🍊 's policies, but not enough to actually do anything to make difference in the harm they cause.

This is how oppression works. It doesn't matter what you say. What matter is what you do.

Either you are helping or you're not. Talking is irrelevant. It always has been.

@Are0h America stands against all things communism supposedly, yet it’s big imports and cheap labor come from China. Their ideologies are capital driven not value driven.

M. Grégoire @mpjgregoire

@denikombucha @Are0h I've seen the People's Republic of China described as a state, which seems more accurate than at present.

@mpjgregoire @Are0h No more than the US and many western nations if we’re being 100% honest with ourselves right now.