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ahh its good to have so many browsers to choose from

@lynnesbian Don’t forget GNOME Web and Konqueror which are both Safari and that Google Chrome is just Safari++.

keithzg @keithzg

@lynnesbian @slightlyflightyone (Konqueror is where this all *started*, because KHTML was actually easier to re-use, despite being for a weirdo Linux-only browser, than Mozilla's Gecko, so Apple---never one to actually write anything themselves---begrudgingly used an LGPL'd browser engine to power Safari. History might have been very different had Mozilla ever at any point made Gecko actually usable by anyone other than themselves.)

@slightlyflightyone @lynnesbian Safari is just Konqueror with a bad skin atop it that's somehow even less well maintained :D

@keithzg @lynnesbian Konqueror is just Safari with a worse skin on top? 😜

@slightlyflightyone @lynnesbian I remember years ago when I was fiddling around with an OSX install, it was the release right after Apple transitioned from brushed metal to Aqua as their theme, and I was quite tickled that I could easily compile and run Konqueror on that, and that Konqueror automatically adopted the Aqua theme . . . while Safari had yet to be updated by Apple and so looked like some cheapass third-party browser, lol