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I’ve thought a lot about it and I think I hate Game Of Thrones because it’s just a massive endorsement of libertarianism: cruelest wins etc and I don’t really think I need more of it

I started off reading the books and thought they were fine, but I think the defining characteristic of ‘anyone can die at any moment’ was not something I thought about systemically. No: people are worth caring about and they are worth investing in. Saying ‘everyone dies’ is a slippery slope to me narratively

As a narrative designer I try to make people feel like they really do care about the characters they meet, and I try to design so that they have to accept the bad things about them: the lies, the flaws, the fucking up, the going back to their abusive spouse or their inability to understand the player character. The more you understand their behaviour the more you understand who your character is and what they can do. But I don’t get on with a world where violence is the best answer

Because it’s your game’s job to say: violence is the least interesting (game-wise) answer, because most game systems can’t make violence the horrific thing it actually is. So why not make it remove content from you? If you kill this person, you do not get to see their life continue or what new stories they might being you by surviving. That’s why it’s so boring to kill the lesbian lover or kill the adulteress in a game. They’ve got a lot of shit to say: let’s hear it

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@caraellison In a weird way that can help make violence more interesting in the game, too, because then there's actually a sense of loss, of someone's story cut off abruptly rather than just some nameless NPC who's now gone from the game world. There's actually a weight to it, then.