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Adam @ink_slinger

In vaguely related news, I decided to actively reach out to the local Communist Party today, to see what (if anything) they're doing outside of election cycles. I'd like to get involved in a properly socialist movement and the NDP ain't that. It's a shame they removed references to socialism from the party constitution a few years back, but it's also not surprising. They haven't been a socialist party for quite some time.

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No response from the local commies. Not even an auto-responder. The email didn't bounce, so it's still active, but no one has bothered to reply to me.

I guess I'm gonna work with the NDP Socialist Caucus folks instead, even though the party doesn't officially recognize them and they're pretty ineffectual. At least they reply to emails.

@saper I mean, honestly, I think they're the type of people who think rehabilitating the image of Joseph Stalin is a good use of time, so it's probably for the best. I contacted them more out of a morbid curiosity than any expectation of meaningful political activity.

Turns out the NDP Socialist Caucus is also useless. The chair sent me a list of local members and two of the emails bounced. A third wrote back to demand to be taken off the list. So, he obviously doesn't maintain his email lists properly since that's about 30% of local members being "inactive."

At this point I'm just going to need to organize my own local leftist group, which is really beyond the scope of what I'd normally be comfortable with. But, hey, desperate times, right?

So I took the first steps toward attempting to self-organize some kind of left coalition. I've got a new ProtonMail account and a website. All created via the Tor browser because I'm paranoid. And, yet, the instant I'm ready to share and actually try to connect with people, all of that anonymity will be shot.

The emails will still be secure, but the address will almost immediately become associated with me, so it won't be anonymous. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@ink_slinger "oh hey, look at this website that someone else made that did the same thing I've been looking for! Sweet! Everyone should join it!"

But since ProtonMail needs to send you an SMS code to activate a new account, I'm possibly compromised from the get-go. So... Oh well?

@ink_slinger hmm, i didn't need to do that for some of the proton account i've set up in the past.

is that new?

@thurloat Might be. I had to either receive an SMS code or make a donation to prove I wasn't a spam bot. I don't remember having to do that with my previous account, but I set it up a while ago so I may just be forgetting.

@ink_slinger @thurloat definitely didn't do that with mine. interesting

@sconlan @ink_slinger maybe because they noticed you did it over tor?

@thurloat @sconlan Hmm, maybe. Still seems weird for a service based on security and encryption.

@ink_slinger @sconlan
"If you are presented with Email or SMS verification, we only save a cryptographic hash of your email or phone number which is not permanently associated with the account that you create."

and from them on reddit:
"We do not explicitly block Tor IPs from using Captcha, but Tor is frequently abused for bot signups these days, so Tor IP addresses often are automatically blocked by our systems."

@sconlan @ink_slinger sounds like someone on your exit node likely was trying to do bot signups, so they push SMS verification to stop it.

maybe with a new onion connection it would work fine.

@thurloat @sconlan Makes sense. And I sort of assumed my phone number was "safe," so went ahead and entered it despite my reservations.

Which province are you in? Perhaps you have a Marxist-Leninist party. Or are you looking for federal parties?

@bobjonkman Alberta. I was looking for provincial or federal. I contacted the Communist Party of Canada - Alberta (provincial wing) and the NDP Socialist Caucus is a federal thing, mostly.

The Marxist-Leninist party always seemed a little like a wierd cult devoted to Hardial Bains. Maybe it's different since his death, though.

@bobjonkman Given my experiences with the other leftist/socialist/communist parties I had very low expectations but the ML Party actually wrote me back. Alberta organizer is in Calgary but apparently willing to meet anywhere in the province, which is impressive (until I play games and pretend I'm in Fort Chipewyan, to see if he's serious; jk).