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Adam @ink_slinger

I've been wondering about this a while, and just mentioned it in another thread, so I'm going to : Recommend a compact notebook (Field Notes or Moleskine pocket size) that will fit in a back pocket but is sturdy enough to not get all crumpled and beat up from being constantly sat upon.

I'm not actually looking to do bullet journaling, per se, but figured that community would have good advice.

@polymerwitch Thanks! I've heard of those, but haven't tried them out yet.

@ink_slinger @polymerwitch I'll second Leuchtturm notebooks. I use their hard covers for some journal stuff and the paper is amazing.

They are probably my favorite paper between field notes, rhodia, leuchtturm, clairefontaine and tamoe

Tamoe is great scrap paper but... not so great in a notebook form.

@ink_slinger These are the size of field notes but are much more durable. My field notes always fell apart before I filled them

@slashzero Nice! I have a Rite in the Rain notebook, but it's a coiled one, which doesn't lend itself well to being kept in a pocket (the coils always get flattened and then it's hard to flip the pages). I didn't know they made stapled notebooks!

Yeah, my life was forever changed when I found those :)

@slashzero @ink_slinger Yes I was just going to recommend these! I used to use them for work, back when I had to actually write things in the rain and got mud and heavy equipment on everything, they are extremely resilient.

@ink_slinger I've got a faudori cover and single insert setup that works pretty good.

They are all over Etsy and can be quite cheap overall.

I'm currently using a 'passport sized' leather cover (thin). I have 2 inserts and a small pocket folder thing but it can easily be slimmed down to a single insert.

It's a handy way of protecting a field notes notebook in my experience.

@KemoNine That's pretty cool. I saw something kind of like that which also doubled as a wallet, once, but I prefer a front-pocket wallet, so I passed on it at the time.

@ink_slinger I can appreciate that.

I'm actually talking to an Etsy leather maker to see if they can do a combined cover/insert instead of using one of each.

@KemoNine KEMO! I was just wondering were you were. Like last night.

@aldersprig 🤣

Still here 😉

Mostly on .social these days while I work through some open source hardware stuffs.

That and over at my one ambassador account interacting with users of an instance lightly.