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"We’ve adapted our entire culture around Facebook. That makes 'just quitting' easier said than done."

This is very true and it's actually fairly disturbing to know there are sites that require Facebook as the only way to register an account. Why would you tie your business model to a separate entity? Why would you not, at a minimum, allow normal email + password signups?

I'm thiiiiiiiis close to deleting Facebook. But I feel semi-obligated to have it for work and there are some people who I can only reach through Facebook Messenger. If I could somehow convince everyone I know to get Signal, it'd be much easier to leave.

Basically, as the article says (without ever using these words), it's the network effect on steroids. It's not just that everyone you know is on Facebook. It's that the whole world is on Facebook, and often *only* on Facebook.

@ink_slinger i think a happy middle ground is just providing fb with as little info as possible.

Adam @ink_slinger

@jszym Yeah. I went through and deleted a fair amount of my info last night. I will do more over the weekend.