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On people dropping out of Mastodon: You need to keep finding more people to follow in an interest based network since people will be dropping out all the time. Your relatives and friends from school don’t disappear as quickly on Facebook, nor do journalists and news outlets disappear on Twitter, but in the more interesting and interest-based communities, that’s simply how it is. You need to replenish the pool and keep finding and following more people. They’re everywhere.

ink slinger @ink_slinger

@kensanata Yeah, this is true. A lot of the people I used to interact with frequently seem to either have left or post a lot less often. I gotta find new people to keep my masto interesting/useful.

This is why !Fedgroups are so useful. You subscribe yourself once, and the pool of people who subscribe themselves keeps replenishing. @ink_slinger @kensanata

@bobjonkman I don't think Mastodon supports groups yet, but it'd be nice to have that feature.