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grumpy old man @ink_slinger

Sometimes I think it would be great to move to a Nordic country for all the glorious social democratic stuff. Then I realize I'm a monolingual anglophone who is uncomfortable with change and think, hmm, maybe I should just try to make that stuff happen in my own country.

@ink_slinger Learning languages can be easier, faster and bringing more satisfaction :)

@saper Haha, that's true. Learning a new language would probably be faster than changing the political structure here.

@ink_slinger You could learn five probably. That's kind of sad. The Swiss system is very interesting though (didn't have time to reply in the other thread). Very unique and has interesting internal logic.

@saper The Swiss system, from what I've read, is intriguing. Certainly not Nordic/socialist, but very interesting. The long democratic tradition -- a tradition quite different from most modern democracies -- has resulted in something that seems quite interesting (as an outsider, anyway).

@ink_slinger Re tradition - let's not forget that it all emerged after the last religious war in Europe in 1847-1848

@ink_slinger But if you're uncomfortable with change why would changing your own country be any different?

@asko I realized, as soon as I sent that toot, how ironic it sounded. I'm uncomfortable with change more in the sense of the huge cultural change that would come with moving to a new country on the other side of the ocean.

I'd be quite happy with some major political changes in my home country (since it would, in my opinion, taking what I am familiar with but making it better).