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allan πŸ“Š @allan

I'm reading about fine particulate matter and what it does to one's lungs and I suddenly never want to breathe again.

Also just _so_many_ old time diseases were the result of chronic exposure to fine particulates of one kind or another.

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@kai I wonder what it's like to live there, nowadays.

One would almost have to swear off technology entirely since it seems like everything has some sort of radio in it (wifi, bluetooth, etc.)

@allan apparently people don't comply and tend to get away with it until it causes a problem πŸ˜‹

but I think it sounds strangely soothing

I'm so addicted to electronic everything; it would probably improve my quality of life.

I feel the same way about being poor. I would probably be happier canceling my phone service and getting books from the library.

But I can't even seem to take a day off from my phone πŸ˜…

@kai I would probably go into full on withdrawal.

But I wonder if maybe I would get more stuff done, like hobby projects and the like? Maybe the reason I don't, now, is because I don't have to fill long periods of boredom.

@allan yeah, I think about that a lot. The few minutes I spend here and there scrolling through social media taking a big toll on my attention; if I instead had to entertain myself with novels and projects, they would be deeper, more meaningful experiences. The phone is like crack πŸ˜…

but I also have this mindset that I'm not super happy πŸ˜… and whatever brings the most immediate pleasure tends to be what I gravitate toward πŸ˜” even though I know it's not a really great way to live

@kai I got rid of my TV years ago and yeah, I definitely read more books. But there's also a limit when I just get bored and don't want to have to think about anything...

I think maybe we've just internalized all the old people yelling at clouds and in the future we'll look back all nostalgic for the internet like some people are for books

@allan I love visual media, but I didn't have a TV from college until fairly recently! Until then I used to just consume everything on a computer monitor instead. Admittedly it's a cheap Chinese TV which I have neurotically calibrated πŸ˜… but I don't think it inhibits any reading. The TV's main job is to help me wind down so that I can go to sleep. Sometimes it's a netflix show or something from youtube. I will watch the occasional weekend movie.

It's not on all the time like at my folk's house πŸ˜”

@kai I used to just lay in front of the TV and kind of watch nothing? Now I only watch specific shows I want to see when it is convenient, because I only get my TV through my laptop.

I also go see a lot more movies in theatre now 🀷

@allan I like to see movies in theaters too, especially with an engaged audience! And I somehow go into the habit of buying popcorn. I figure it supports the theater…

@allan Tokyo's air quality is ok right now, but it's also the middle of the rain season... I'll check again in August.

@codewiz the air quality here is currently good ( but I think the long term forecast is for wildfire smoke to return, then it usually gets really bad really quickly.

I think that air monitoring data is more available is really going to change how we think about pollution. It used to be invisible, so we didn't think about it, now that we can see the problem we can start agitating for change.

Though with wildfires I'm not sure what we can do πŸ€”

I came upon this upon walking outside, so yep, confirmed, no more breathing for me. Breathing, not even once.