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Allan 🐌 @allan

I think the presence of "reading mode" on modern browsers - that take a website and make it readable - is a big sign that something is wrong with the modern web.

I use it a lot on mobile firefox because I routinely encounter sites that are legitimately illegible on my phone without it.

@allan I totally agree. I love the feature and find it indispensable, especially on mobile. But the fact that I literally cannot do without it means there's a huge design problem online.

@ink_slinger @allan sadly, I think the problem *is* Design

there's a very thin line between designers and authoritarian dictators, and it's, um


@allan @ink_slinger

(I mean I get that it's not the designers as such who are asking for pixel-level control of rendering and disabling copy/paste, it's the ad departments, but...)

@natecull @allan @ink_slinger as far as i can tell, Design in the modern context is a kind of totalizing religious memeplex much the way Marketing is. (with plenty of overlap, i s'pose.)

both have a way of determining a lot of paths and foreclosing others, and are nearly impossible to escape or truly subvert once they've really taken hold in a given system.

@allan @enkiv2 likewise with Google's "amp".

Just build a single responsive lightweight site maybe???

@nev @allan
As I've said before, when a website doesn't closely resemble a plaintext document with hyperlinks it's far beyond the scope of what the web was supposed to be capable of (and is a mistake).

Now, the web isn't even really great at *that*. But, it's a whole lot better at that than at pretending to be a native gui application.

We're basically locked into treating it like one now, which is too bad.

@allan I TOTALLLY AGREE. Same with AD Blockers.

@allan honestly this has always been a problem, but the presence of reading mode is a great way of giving the user control back

i remember old geocities websites that'd be in unreadable color schemes on ugly backgrounds. and they otherwise had useful information or i wouldn't be going to them.

@allan Reading mode? I have literally never heard of this. I use mobile firefox, and the biggest complaint I have is websites that try and display content off the side of the page and won't let me zoom or scroll such that I can see it. Or websites that won't let me navigate away from their pages, like amazon. :/

@allan I wholeheartedly agree;

I think that if a website isn't readable it fails its #1 purpose

@allan I use it a lot too, but actually more on the desktop than on the phone! People seem to at least think about mobile optimization, but newspaper sites where lines are super wide and there's plenty of stuff around the text on the desktop? Who can actually read that?!