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Gurjeet ✅ @Toxic_Flange

So, new "gaming" laptop, replaced spinning rust with older SSD (Evo 840) new intel M.2 500 GB in addition arrived, what should I dual boot this with? A version of Ubuntu (hate it but necessary evil), OpenBSD may not use all capabilities.. other Linux distro? Suggestions? (what do you want to do I'm sure will be asked). Gaming/Windows is necessary, SDR hacking in *nix and SDR support are a must which is why I mentioned Ubuntu. Gentoo, arch seems like too much messing with the OS ...

.. Not enough time USING it to accomplish things. Security work, labs, learning more programming. I've been a personal MacOS user for the last 8 years now. Can't and don't want to afford that nonsense anymore.

@Toxic_Flange Antergos, it's the most magical distro.