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GrooveStomp @GrooveStomp

Brian Will talks about a hypothetical mono-user OS and @djsundog Has mentioned how multi-user OSes don't really match current trends.

Are there any projects that have made good headway in this direction?

I've seen various Linux distros that try to be smaller and cleaner by rethinking init, package management, static vs. dynamic linking and more. Void, Stali, Sabotage and Morpheus come to mind.

@GrooveStomp I believe this was a cornerstone of the BeOS design philosophy. HaikuOS is the modern successor to that project.

@GrooveStomp come on, slides minutes long? 40 minutes watch? I don't know what he was aiming for. If he was aiming to alienate viewers, then his aim is to the point IMO.

@GrooveStomp Is there an image version of it that's not 40 minutes long? It would be a heavenly blessing.

@zyabin101 Not that I'm aware of! :-). I haven't actually finished watching the video yet...

@GrooveStomp @djsundog But actual multi-user systems are So Cool, and I miss them desperately.