@fribbledom Damn, that sucks. I sympathise, and directly empathise . . .

Here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (or #YEG as hashtags work), my city has decided (a few years after tearing up all the streets, which would have been a good time for such things) that they need to do something about stormwater flooding in my area, and so they've fenced off the entirety of our neighborhood park (which especially sucks at the moment!) and are digging giant holes. This *literally shakes my house*, and they start promptly at 7AM which when they're allowed to by city bylaws, often jostling me awake.

The real kick in the pants is that I've seen their flood mitigation projections and all this (disturbing the peace; losing park access during the height of summer and a pandemic; probably damaging house foundations and such) is going to accomplish . . . essentially nothing. But they'll be able to say they Did Something, and over $50,000,000 CAD of city money will be doled out to various construction companies. Great in a time where we fired over a quarter of our bus drivers to cut costs! Arghh.

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I'm working on a master list of co-ops in the Edmonton area. So far, none are worker co-ops.

If you're in #yeg and want editing privileges, DM me here so I know who you are when you send the request.

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Oh how surprising, "smart fare" rollout for #Edmonton is still delayed.

A truly smart fare for #YEG or any transit system anywhere would just be to have . . . no fare. No overhead, no putting the cost of transit systems (which benefit the entire economy, and even benefit folks who don't use them and insist on driving due to reduced traffic congestion) onto the backs of people who can on average least afford it.

But no, everything must be run like a discrete business for some reason. And like most businesses it's invariably run hilariously poorly.

If there's one account worth following over on birdsite, it's

Admittedly less meaningful to non-Edmontonians, but here in it's quite salient! And even in general, such weather nerdery is increasingly worth delving into, as climate change deepens in its impacts.

@ink_slinger @sikkdays Neither thing in my #yeg neighborhood, which is really a shame. There's literally only one actual storefront in the commercial strip in Parkallen these days (a longstanding bakery that has provided some gluten-free options since before I was born), everything else is now appointment-only nonsense of one kind or another. A pot shop would be a welcome change from that trend (and would probably help the longstanding bakery :P).

This is an #introduction post...kinda.

Hit me up with your #pinebookpro toots. Mine is on order and I'm looking forward to getting it.

I toot a lot about #politics, especially of the leftist sort.

Here are an assortment of hashtags: #socialism #canada #alberta #canpol #anarchy #libertariansocialism #socialecology #linux #yeg #edmonton #snowshoeing #strumstick #fermentation

At one point it really seemed like we'd have our parking-requirements reformed any day now in Edmonton, but the likelihood of sane parking zoning seems instead further away with every day that passes.

I've accepted that summer was born with a "non viable" diagnosis and that, after a brief, painful struggle, fell victim to an early fall. I am now at peace.

La Cité Francophone: Live music on the outdoor patio, extra food options, 3 nearby fringe theatre venues.

"plus the world doesn't burn" is a pretty compelling argument today here in , I've gotta say . . .

I looooove having a local restaurant where our favourite server stops at our table to chat and say hi even when we're not seated in her section. We come here for brekkie a lot, and she just makes us want to come more often. (If you live in #yeg, the downtown Ricky's is great, & Sheila is the bomb.)

Am I misreading, or has this Shades of Colour group attempted to hijack #YEG #Pride, and then shut it down when they failed?

#Shame on Victoria Guzman and her organization. Pride has spent many years fighting for what they have and for this group to try to hijack it for themselves is disgusting.

Big shout out to the woman who left her laptop unattended on the table at Tim Hortons for 20 minutes and returned with Taco Bell that she is shamelessly eating with her double-double.

A beautiful sight and smell on the streets of #YEG #loveislove

Happy St Cyril and Methodius day everyone!

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Whoa, City Planning is apparently actually intending to make the suggestion to City Council to remove the minimum off-street parking requirements, that might be the most positive zoning-related change in Edmonton in a *long* time.

I'm in downtown for some training today and got Chicken For Lunch, which I havent had since my abusive downtown job laid me off in 2012.

It tastes like Memories of Unpaid Overtime, and I tell if she just guessed what I wanted really well or somehow remembered me after 7 years.

I didn't notice it myself, but I guess the refinery in has been flaring again.