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Welcome to the United States, fuck yeah! 😋

#introductions Hello #fediverse ! My name is Zach and I really love #maths #math. I am also passionate about #freesoftware and #decentralisation. I'm #vegetarian, from the #unitedkingdom #uk, and hoping to study #mathematics at #Cambridge #university. I am also #spamming #tags.

Even if you're not #vegan nor #vegetarian, when you fly Eva Air try requesting the vegetarian oriental special meal (VOML). It's very umami, and comes with quality olive oil (but no Italian bread to make a proper bruschetta, hmpf).

why are some diets identities (something a person "is") (like #vegan, #vegetarian, pescafarian) while many others are something a person is "on"? (Atkins, low-carb, calorie-restrictive, hacker's diet, south beach diet, etc.)

(i vaguely recall an article along the same lines about the benefit of saying "i try to consider ideas from a #feminist perspective" instead of saying "i am a feminist")

dear internet, please recommend your favorite #vegan or #vegetarian cookbook that is *not* concerned with gluten-free plz kthx 🙏

For those struggling with Vegetarian lifestyle adoption ... my friend is organizing a 21 Day Vegetarian Living Challenge in Houston with lots of support to be successful at it

#Vegetarian #Vegetarianism #Veganism #Veganuary #NonViolence #Compassion #Karma #Spirituality

@bluberrycookie E' difficile essere #vegetarian in Italia di questi tempi?

Wikipedia riporta percentuali di vegetariani e vegani altissime per l'Italia, ma citando come fonti e Il Corriere della Sera. Sarà vero? Mah... 🙂

In pratica, 'sta domenica ho preparato:

- bietola x 3 piatti;
- radicchio x 2, uno congelato;
- torta salata con ingredienti di cui sopra, congelata;
- hummus x 2;
- torta all'arancia per merenda;
- biscotti alla lavanda per colazione.

Autoproduzione bomba. :oppose:

So' da sposa'.

#DIY #mastochef #vegetarian

Hi, I'm Beau/Nova! I'm 19, genderless (any pronouns work), from Tennessee, currently living in Florida.

I mostly post about #comics, #pescatarian / #vegetarian / #vegan and other plant-primary diets, #DIY, #philosophy, #psychonautics (cw: #drugs), and #politics. I'm just now rediscovering my interests after seven years of drugs being just about my only interest. I also post about #magick and #hermetics on my mage account @NovaBx

I can do some front end web design, less so back end web development, and will gladly help anyone with any tech troubles they have. Also down for IRL meetups to get shit done. Need help building a garden in Florida? Come pick me up, I'll help for free.

You can always message me, I love making new friends!


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I got a vegan cookbook for Christmas from my girlfriend's sister! I'm not vegan but it all looks super yuuuuummy <3. #vegetarian

If you're already a #Vegetarian it's by now not that hard to also forego milk and cheese on environmental grounds. That's not the same as being #Vegan: the environmental contribution of eating something that contains trace dairy byproduce is probably negligible, so policing ingredients lists need not be a part of a "no milk or cheese" commitment. Sure: you end up buying and eating much more vegan stuff, but that's a good thing, and the quality of vegan food has shot up drastically, recently.

#food #diet #soy #vegetarian

So I've been turning it around in my head for a while and I think I'm finally gonna do it next week. I'm gonna do a no meat month. Anyone have any good soy recipes or what kinds to buy?