#She-Ra? I barely remember it.

I don't think #sonOne and his friends watched it the way they watched #He-Man, #Transformers, #GI_Joe, #Heathcliff, #Inspector_Gadget. (I did not have to go around the neighborhood assembling She-Ra castles for Christmas the way I did with He-Man castles.)

Autobots, transform and roll out! The @CanadianMint has launched an Optimus Prime series of coins, one of them is even 3D! In true #Transformers fashion, tilt it from side to side to see the leader of the Autobots go from robot to vehicle mode

My first post here (thanks to @Kendigo ),yay!
and let's start in a "soft" way (just kidding)
Carnation the Skeletal, gentlemen and ladies!
A crazy serial killer, who loves collecting the heads of his victims.
He has nine pairs of eyes and from his mother he used to decorate the bodywork with accessories
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Here's my little #commissions toot! 😄 I offer several different styles, and I take #Warframe and limited #Transformers commissions as well.

Note that these are base prices (all in USD) for the lineart of a single character--color, additional characters, complex designs, props, and backgrounds will add on to the price. The full price guide and my TOS is always up to date here!:

Hi! I’m Sam! My quick #introduction post. I enjoy doing fan art mostly. I’m trying to branch out into some original stuff though.
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Pour Turris #Foris :
Traduction de `DNS Forwarder` : DNS Transitaire ? Transitaire DNS ? DNS Redirecteur ?

#DNS #Transformers ?

#Tfa #Transformers

Anyway. Tfa swindle is a cat

-he had cat paws

-will steal your things

-big kitty eyes

-probably would knock things off someone’s desk to annoy them.

Why in the god damn did I spend so much time on this, I'm not even a big fan of Galvatron.

Anyway, this Galvatron is a bit different that you might expect because I took inspiration from a few other #Transformers like taking the moustache from Unicron (kinda)

This is because it's from my own AU (I guess) where Galvatron is the leader of a cult of chaos. He is insane like other versions of him but in a more composed way.

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Me: I don’t wanna be overly grumpy and rant online too much

Also me:

Who wants a free #Transformers WFC SIEGE #Starscream! Doing a giveaway to celebrate 1 year oftlaking about Transformers and 200 subs (kind of)

Remember when I drew Transformers more? Giving my main TFOC Crackshot an IDW-style facelift. I’m a little stumped with how his kibble is going to look because like this he wouldn’t have his Barracuda alt mode yet. He’ll get rendered and inked, I promise! #transformers #mastoart

The IDW #Transformers reboot comic issue No.1 is out and it is really exciting!
I loved the art and colors in the previews, and I really liked what I read from the TFWiki summary. (I don't have access to the actual comic, so this is how I stay updated).
You know that one "first murder in memory" that the previews were talking about?? Well.. it's a character alright.... (My reaction was "NOOOOOOOOOO")

#Micromasters from #Transformers #WFC #SIEGE with the #Toyhax Reprolabels! The stickers add some great color and detail to the micro boys!