So I just got through watching my talk at SouthEast LinuxFest. In the moment, I though I did absolutely terribly but, after the fact, it's not actually that bad.

Building Your Own Cloud
The video starts about halfway through my presentation but it goes over buying a domain name, choosing a VPS provider, some considerations to keep in mind, and a bit about setting a server up with CodiMD. The demo kind of falls apart but I improvised!

Slides are linked below and press s to see my speaker notes with the first one.

@caltlgin posted a link earlier and I've gotten a few emails and messages from people saying how well I did so I thought I would just share it myself :blobwink:

#NixNet #Hosting #SysAdmin #SELF #SELF2019 #SouthEastLinuxFest

Sorry for the edit and repost. Somehow, in copying the URL, I removed the last U 😅

Anyone got anything bad to say (aside from expense) about using an edgerouter 4 to replace a flaky opnsense router?

#sysadmin #netadmin


This is rather wonderful! (who uses Female Pronouns in his Tech Books) got complaints from Male readers, so released a special ed. w Male Pronouns - but MORE expensive!!
Buy his books! #sysadmin


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absolutely baffled as to why this OpenVPN server I'm setting up for $WORK isn't routing traffic as needed

I've checked everything, MASQUERADE rule is in place, sysctl for ipv4 forwarding is set to 1, clients are seeing the routes being pushed and applied and yet nothing



thankfully, I have backups of the database that matters and I can restore

anyone have suggestions for wiping out the corrupt MySQL data and basically having a fresh start (other than reinstalling the OS obviously)?


Netdata used to be lean and simple, but now they're going with all the "Please sign in to to view your nodes!" and it really starts to bug me. #SysAdmin

It’s early Monday morning. The users are just logging in. Friday night’s #backup completed early. The staged #servers & #scripts YOU worked on for weeks successfully migrated ALL DATA & no one knows any different. You are: THE SYSADMIN #sysadmin #helpdesk #tech #support #unix

⚙️💻🎈C'est la journée mondiale des #sysadmin ! 🎉

Bonne fête à tou·te·s les sysadmin, vous êtes trofor, merci merci pour votre travail <3