Almost completed the first draft of the Valkyrie API:

The outcome here should be that YAAPS will be able to create and access objects in any schema for which a plugin is configured, e.g. I really like the synergies of #activitypub with #dat and #ssb. My first experiencing in collaborative software development, however, resulted in me cutting the Gordian Knot after enduring the platform debate for nearly a decade

@Wolf480pl another example is micro-blog posts. The same UI could hand short public messages (say 500 chars of less but that could be user-defined) from any one of the OStatus, AP, Diaspora, or Zot servers, plus #Movim and #SaT (XMPP), plus #Minds (although I believe they're working on AP support), plus #Twister and any other #blockchain micro-blog, plus #SSB etc etc.

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We need #python libraries for building things on top of #securescuttlebutt. I see some nice efforts on but it appears to have completely stalled. Is anyone building anything #python based on #ssb?

Is anyone here on #scuttlebutt (#ssb) that can help me test something?

I think I broke the scuttleverse.

'Randos with "ideas" constantly swoop into channels such as feminism with poorly researched theories for all to see, including new people who will be put off the community for good.' —substack

'At this point in my life, I have no interest being subjected to BS. … I don't give a shit if I end up a complete no-asshole filter bubble. Sounds great to me. There are plenty of ideas to share and work to collaborate on with non-assholes.' —Alanna

And that concludes this edition of #SSB Internet Drama.

Great episode that popped up from my keyword feed talking about the #ssb network and #solarpunk.
Also some great ideas on community moderation through human relationships instead of top down moderation.

‘Solarpunk Social’, with Scuttlebutt

oh, wait, nope, i was wrong
user's follows are stored in that user's profile, but you can't see who follows them
so for likes, if you don't have a copy of a user's profile, you won't see their likes on posts, same for their replies

that's hardly usable imo, everyone you don't follow is just invisible for you, you can find new people only by seeing that someone else follows them

#ssb is better

#Bowsette #comission #baby #toddler #r34 #nsfw #SSB
-Pack complete in my pixiv
-Open comission!

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@z428 @herrdoering @manyver_se @favstarmafia @jedie Bei solchen Netzwerken wie #SSB suche ich mir meine Kontakte hauptsächlich nach gemeinsamen / spannenden Interessengebieten aus und weniger danach, ob ich die jeweiligen Personen tatsächlich kenne, sei es jetzt online oder im RL

@stman despite using network language in a somewhat metaphorical way, I'm talking about human organizational structures. Whether they can be (or ought to be) represented in software is a separate question, although an intriguing one. Are you familiar with #SSB (Secure #Scuttlebutt)? It's independent of much of the current network architecture (using the net only as a relay when it's available) and has some intriguing systems for mapping digital identities to warm bodies.

found on #ssb:

"Solarpunk is not some architectural rendering of curved glass buildings surrounded by forest, it's about saying 'fuck it'. If you know where the future should be, why wait for permission from the people who are more interested in preserving the wealth and power of the already powerful rather than solving our real human problems."

Getting together with some folks to work on some projects! Set up a pub, viewer, and git-ssb today so we're not freeloading on the kindness of others.



pub: (@fqaUNltSCZmr5Sf7mNmd+nTt66UjaRFXhSa7LTIQ8B8=.ed25519) let me know if you want an invite, I'll be setting up a landing page shortly.

Stumbled upon this blog post about the potential benefits of using different decentralized protocols in combination, e.g. #SSB, #Dat, and #ActivityPub:

@manyver_se so many questions... are private messages supported with the current version? I tried sending one from Patchwork (through the local network! Amazing) but I can only see the public "timeline" from #Manyverse #SSB

So basically at the moment #ssb is like the #fediverse. You download an app that gets its info from a server, run by whoever. Only difference is that on fedi the server stores the data, not having duplicates for it's users thus saving storage, but it needs a connection to the server when I want to use it. On SSB it downloads all the data from the server when a connection is available and pushes posts/likes, but needs lots of storage on each device.