#Manyverse is an Android app for the #Scuttlebutt social network:

Unlike traditional social networks, Scuttlebutt has no servers. Members store all their personal data on their own computer or phone, and connect directly to their friends' devices in order to update statuses. Scuttlebutt also works offline.

It's currently available on @fdroidorg and Google Play. (Note it's still in beta and many features are missing.)

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@ng0 IMO scuttlebutt / fits that usecase really well. You can thread together progress updates on projects, and have people involved/commenting/interacting in each log.

If you want a dedicated URI you can host a web proxy as well for your own content and customize the formatting however you like.

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🀩 πŸ•ΈοΈ 🦊 :firefox: :firefox_nightly:

I've just made a blog post and video about playing with #Firefox and #P2P Protocols:

In it I show our favorite user agent working with #SSB #IPFS and #DAT, linking from one platform to another, as if we're all one #web.

Hope you folks enjoy it and please send me feedback.

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I know a bit about #SSB but I didn't try it because of its tech stack.

However I'm not suggesting #hackers to #walkaway, but to be weird in subtle, counter intuitive and culturally challenging ways.

We shouldn't scare people with our dresses or our hair color or other status symbols, but being totally oblivious to some of their core values, blatantly challenging their assumptions so that they can build an insight...

@xj9 BTW I'm a keen tester of bleeding edge apps and I haven't tried #SSB yet, because I can't install it on a 32-bit PC without going through the valley of the shadow of death that is #NPM. If there's one thing I agree with Drew about, it's that choosing the right tools for the job matters. Like folks building #Electron apps, I think Dominic chose the wrong tools. Until that's fixed, SSB will remain a promising concept, but far from being ready for primetime. @alcinnz @Wolf480pl

@clacke #ssb definitely needs some kind of distributed wiki app. i have some ideas, but there isn't much i can do until sunrise choir #rust is released. until then, i'm mostly trying to get relax in a place where i can make a minimal #2p2 wiki client in scheme when the new ssb protocol stuff is published.

Fuuuck yeeeeah! 😈 πŸ“»

Today I got my #radio #receiver #XHDATA D-808! 😎

Super-fast delivery from China to Poland - 7 days! Price: 79 $
XHDATA is amazing (better) alternative for #Degen DE-1103 and works reaaly fine, especially on #SW and #SSB. I'm fucking happy πŸ“» πŸ˜‰ I'll test my new radio soon!

#shortwave #portable #AM #MW #LW #AIR #FM

πŸ“» πŸ“» πŸ“»

Yesterday's #DXing outside the town...

Wired antennas ~ 1130 UTC ~ 14188 kHz (SSB - USB) ~ 14157 kHz (SSB - USB) ~ southern Poland...

Amazing weather, amazing reception!

#shortwave #radio #SSB #Degen #Tecsun

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@santiago I bought XHDATA D-808, because my #Degen DE1103 is quite old - I wanted to replace my Degen..
I have also #Tecsun PL-660 and I love this receiver! PL-880 is too expensive for me as for working class punk πŸ“» πŸ˜‰
So, I hope to have a fun with this new bad boy XHDATA, especially on #SW #Air #SSB and #AM - I bought also #Tecsun AN200 for better AM reception; MW frequencies are still alive in Europe, so I hope to catch many MW-stations with new antenna and XHDATA!

Fuuuck yeeeah! πŸ“»

I bought #XHDATA D-808 FM stereo/ SW / MW / LW SSB AIR RDS #receiver and I'm waiting for delivery!

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i love #ssb (protocol) and community, but the #javascript i have to deal with to make it work the way i want is a huge shit

I completely non-ironically miss #Usenet, and wish it were still suited to be my primary online social network. Even the implementation was fundamentally better than either the #fediverse or #ssb.

The only thing I don't think was a good idea in retrospect was the global namespace of groups. (Of course, it lacked security and antispam features we'd expect today, but the worthwhile ones could pretty trivially be added.)

This looks interesting: Manyverse, and #android app for #scuttlebutt. I installed it and it's pretty polished. But I haven't figured out how to connect to any pub server. I'm still in 2 minds about #ssb personally.

If you're interested in the off-the-grid social network Scuttlebutt, there's a good essay here about it (from a few weeks ago):

It's by @staltz , the creator of the Manyverse app for Scuttlebutt, and is nicely honest about the major difficulties of using the network, as well as suggesting possible solutions.

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