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I run a #neuralnetwork (= #machinelearning = #ai ) #humor blog at where I train computers to write funny things. #Scicomm

By day I'm an #engineer working in #optics

I also play #trad irish music, bake #sourdough and read #scifi and #fantasy ; I live in #colorado which is great for #hiking

This is my #cat #Char

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I cracked open my #infinitybeer and OMG volcanic CO2, again. Drat!

I think I'll have to break a rule and burp the bottle as it ferments, because the pour was literally all head.

Not a bad flavor though. Light, but with a backdoor bite. This is the first pour that actually tasted like a traditional beer.

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My #sourdough #beer this time was very flat. It didn't taste bad, but the carbonation was just 🤷

Think I'm gonna have to google some advice, because I want my fizz, dangit!

A dash of sour salt (citric acid) in #sourdough pancakes is 👌

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@jlamar No worries ✌, so simple, but it's pretty rewarding to pour. 😃

#sourdough #magick

My DIY #sourdough #beer is depleted. Must make more!

It started with a little hooch:

And just took off from there.

The key point here is: IT'S EASY! You don't need fancy brewing tools, yeast, etc, to get 'er done. Just household stuff.

And you can do it with three ingredients: Flour, water, and sugar (though malt syrup helped a lot).

If you're interested, I followed this recipe:

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70 minute bake at 425°F. More than twice the normal time.

A bit of singing around the middle, but if I had done it without the Crisco, the fire department would be over right now!


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