Deuxième essai, c'est mieux, la mie encore un peu serrée à mon goût. J'ai oublié de grigner. #levain #pain #sourdough

Al mostrar mi bandeja con el almuerzo el tipo me ofreció que probara su "pan vegano hecho por nosotros mismos". Si está en el precio, entonces no le veo el problema... hasta que lo probé. Horrible.

Si huele como pan, luce como pan, tiene textura de pan, pero no sabe a pan. NO ES PAN.

Supongo que lo mismo podrá aplicarse a muchas otras cosas en la vida. #Iwillnotgetallpolitical

En un mundo lleno de falsedades y sucedáneos se agradece algo verdadero. Hoy hornearé pan.


#introduction with #hashtags:

I run a #neuralnetwork (= #machinelearning = #ai ) #humor blog at where I train computers to write funny things. #Scicomm

By day I'm an #engineer working in #optics

I also play #trad irish music, bake #sourdough and read #scifi and #fantasy ; I live in #colorado which is great for #hiking

This is my #cat #Char

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I cracked open my #infinitybeer and OMG volcanic CO2, again. Drat!

I think I'll have to break a rule and burp the bottle as it ferments, because the pour was literally all head.

Not a bad flavor though. Light, but with a backdoor bite. This is the first pour that actually tasted like a traditional beer.

#sourdough #beer

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My #sourdough #beer this time was very flat. It didn't taste bad, but the carbonation was just 🤷

Think I'm gonna have to google some advice, because I want my fizz, dangit!

A dash of sour salt (citric acid) in #sourdough pancakes is 👌

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@jlamar No worries ✌, so simple, but it's pretty rewarding to pour. 😃

#sourdough #magick

My DIY #sourdough #beer is depleted. Must make more!

It started with a little hooch:

And just took off from there.

The key point here is: IT'S EASY! You don't need fancy brewing tools, yeast, etc, to get 'er done. Just household stuff.

And you can do it with three ingredients: Flour, water, and sugar (though malt syrup helped a lot).

If you're interested, I followed this recipe:

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