#sourdough I shortened my baking time and it worked great! Thanks @mattwiebe

I #homeschool my 3 girls. I love cooking. I loved baking #sourdough, but got a call right before Christmas that I have celiac, so now I lost that too. I love the Liturgists content and I guess I'm here because I miss having community and I'm trying to fill that void. /2

#sourdough bakers, what do you do with your excess starter? I hate the waste but feel too lazy to come up with a better system than the dump and feed.

I thought I’d try to score a face... I am a little terrified...


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Today’s #sourdough fresh out of the oven. Can hear it crackling as I post this.

#sourdough bread, proofed in the fridge for 24 hours. I take the first active steps to making this loaf two days ago. Sourdough makes me slow down; to see time flowing in longer, slower ways.