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I need to catch up on @Judd 's podcast. @kensanata is at least keeping me in the loop with a blog post about #RPG and concepts of torture/humanity/playing. Thanks, Cap'n! I am with you both and really like how you simplified adjudication; completely divesting yourself from feelings and showing the simple stupidity involved in treating any one/thing/npc like that.

3 Toadstools publishing has a nice post on #PWYW publishing for #RPG books. Let's not forget people outside of the US, folks. PWYW seems to make sense.


In light of a question I posed:

…and with the help and encouragement of the OSRIC community, I am happy to announce the opening of the OSRIC wiki.

There is still some work that needs to be done, but the actual reference data is all there for your gaming usage. The editors of the wiki also hope to add some other goodies. Stay tuned!

#rpg #osr #osric #dnd #ttrpg

Whew! Finally finished up the table of contents of the spells page in the #OSRIC wiki!

It would be nice if people looked it over for errors. Time to take a break and look at it fresh tomorrow.

#OSR #RPG #1e #dnd


1: I wrote for Day 3 of the #Fantasy World Building Challenge
2: I released a draft of a media package channel generator written with #Hugo
3: Still looking for playtesters for a tabletop #RPG adventure