I did not anticipate this, because I figured they’d have learned from Lavabit and designed their systems such that there was no way for them to have any metadata (user’s IP address, user’s ‘user agent’, timestamps of users’ correspondence, pretty much everything except what is required to send and receive messages). Any information your system has, however briefly, can be the subject of a government order.

My issue over the years has been that both Protonmail and Tutunota send you the JavaScript used to “end-to-end encrypt” your message. At any time, they could be ordered to modify that JS to cache the encryption keys for later reuse by government agencies.

Tags: #Protonmail, #surveillance, #government_over_reach, #metadata, #encryption, #JavaScript

@wuwei @desikn @kim

I am happy with #Protonmail 's service, but It really sucks to not have a F-droid app.

I pay a fair amount of money yearly for their services. Maybe it is time to take a look at #Tutanota

So I’ve heard of #protonmail and I’m curious about it. Also about other non-corporate #email providers, preferably who don’t track data etc. Would like to learn more about these option!

@Roland @NicolasConstant @protonmail #ProtonMail chiffre par défaut tous les mails sortant si je ne me trompe pas.

Et en fait SMTPS "existe" ! C'est quand tu paramètres ton compte avec SSL ou TLS ! Mais ça ne fait que sécurisé le moyen de transport, et pas le message :)

ProtonMail adds support for Web Key Directory (WKD), DANE, and MTA-STS:

– WKD is also available for external keys now
– DANE is also available for custom domains
– Besides, they added HTTP headers (Expect-CT, Public-Key-Pins-Report-Only), DNS CAA, and monitoring (e.g., TLSRPT)
– There will be an independent security audit of all Proton apps

#protonmail #gpg #infosec #security #cybersecurity #openpgp #wkd #wks #dane #mtasts

#ProtonMail va proposer ses apps #Android sur des stores alternatifs comme F-droid 👌 tt en rappelant que passer par un store avc monopole et un fabriquant se traduit par se fier à eux pr protéger notre vie privée. #privacy

Protonmail just saved me from opening a very realistic looking Apple receipt that is probably phishing. Thank you

Site etiquette indicates my first toot should be by way of an introduction. Seldom comfortable tooting my own horn (pun intended)* I'll keep this brief(ish).

I am a philosopher and historian based in Sydney and currently a doctoral candidate at the #Macquarie Business School; researching Edmund #Burke and his implications for executive leadership.

I chose to undertake my study in a business school, grubby though commercial ends may seem to elevated minds, because Burke was an intensely practical thinker. As he noted:

'‘The End of learning is not knowledge but virtue; as the End of all speculation should be practice of one sort or another… [for] Knowledge is the Culture** of the mind; and he who rested there, would be just as wise as he who should plough his field without any intention of sowing or reaping.'***

In this context, it seems fitting to attempt to apply Burkean research to practical ends.

I am also a passionate advocate for technology reform, which drew me to Mastodon, as I do not think unrestricted access to an individual's data is necessary for the provision of services. #ProtonMail, #Signal, #Threema, #NextCloud, #Mastodon and co. are all demonstrating that FAANG methods are not the only viable way of providing digital connections.

*Thinking intended puns, I am always reminded of the joke about a man who entered a local newspaper's pun contest. He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

**Culture in the original sense of ploughing for sowing later.

***Burke, A Note-Book of Edmund Burke, 82-83.


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@ekaitz_zarraga @protonmail The only reason why I still use #protonmail because it has an onion site. Best #tutanota

In #ProtonMail, end-to-end encryption with non-Proton users is possible by exchanging PGP keys. Is end-to-end encryption with non-Tutanota users also possible in @Tutanota ?

#Fossmendations #FOSS #emailalternatives

Vale, a ver, yo Authy, aunque tengo que reconocer que debería usar una solución FOSS... Pero la sincronización de authy me parece demasiado valiosa.

En el futuro (próximo) quiero pasarme a llave física U2F (yubikey o nitrokey) pero valen un huevo, y la implementación de FIDO no está tan extendida como quisiera (#tutanota solo funciona con Chrome, no firefox, y #protonmail ni siquiera la admite...)

Creo que U2F es el futuro.

Bueno, los servicios de mail encriptado no pueden usar IMAP o POP3 precisamente porque están encriptado... Es imposible por definición. Por eso #protonmail utiliza el Bridge, pero según he leído, no funciona demasiado bien...
@sergiotarxz @protonmail

Of course #ProtonMail does. The only email provider I trust is myself. Oh, wait... I farm that out to the "never be evil" Google.

But, seriously, folks, no third-party email provider's gonna go to jail to protect some rando online.

Me acabo de enterar que el #web mail #Protonmail no provee encriptacion de extremo a extremo #e2e (en ingles)

Algo me olia mal con esas oferta tan generosa y con tanta #privacidad

Looking really hard at #protonmail right now. As much as I like Fastmail, it sitting on US and AUS servers has always been a bit of a painpoint to me. The pricing on Protonmail also looks fair 🙂

#ProtonMail Update.

I enjoyed the prospect of using ProtonMail so much that I took a bit of a leap and not only replaced my personal email, but I also routed my professional MX records through it. I am now doing my due diligence to protect everyone as best as I can.

You should see the autoresponder in my gmail. It's a mile long detailing the nuances of why everyone should consider using #Signal, #Matrix ( and ProtonMail.

i kinda wanted a new #instagram profile for posting my #design work, but i don't want to use my old email addresses... how can i contact them about them banning my #protonmail address instantly after registration?