Help me, algorithm people! I'm splitting a string with horrible O(m*n) + O(n log n) performance.
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Jonathan Blow: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization

Are we in a reverse IT development phase? We have lost so many capabilities on the way ...

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#GOTO 2018 • Reaching Beyond Traditional Boundaries with #Clojure • Phil Hofmann

This is a #participatory tech talk, where the participants join the speaker in answering questions as the talk proceeds and those answers are used for the talk itself.

Fucking amazing but only possible with a Lisp like Clojure / #Clojurescript

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This may / may not replace Olivia Newton-John as the singer of that song in your head. :-) Using a DECtalk to sing "Xanadu".

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@amic @dansup @amic @dansup this is a joke post but it'd be nice if we had multi-word hashtags somehow.

#programming #socks feels weird
but like, if it was #programming_socks it'd look better.
@amic @dansup this is a joke post but it'd be nice if we had multi-word hashtags somehow.

#programming #socks feels weird
but like, if it was #programming socks it'd look better.

Github used Haskell for their program analysis system and they wrote an explanation on why they picked Haskell


>Expectations about industry. There would be automated deployment. Pull requests and code review. It was going to be glorious! Finally the code quality I had been longing for! ...I believed, everyone in the industry writes tests.
So imagine my surprise when I showed up at my first day on the job at a startup and found no tests at all. No tests in the frontend. No tests in the backend. Just, no tests.
Nada. Zip. Null. Undefined. NaN tests.


Oh. My.

I just, finally, got my #rustlang #software project to build!

I'm learning the #rust #programming #language by re-implementing parts of my daily work, which I hitherto wrote in #java, mostly.

The most recent addition to my project was #diesel, the de-facto data access engine for rust software.

And I'm applying their Get Started Guide to my work situation.

Oh, dear: there's a lot of magic that goes unspoken in the guide. Minor changes will lead to failed builds.

here is an idea

mandatory #accessibility classes for everyone who at any point wishes to build things that others will use

#programming peeps, i'm looking at you
also, scientists who make up the horrible notations others have to deal with, yall are also guilty
- bureaucrats who make crappy paper forms
- artists and art focused websites

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I've been getting in the habit of reading other's people code more often in conjunction to reading the docs. There's a lot of assumed knowledge that's trapped in there - don't be afraid.

If you are, @ me and I'll check it out with you!

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