OldComputr on Andrew Colin (1936-2018), familiar to fans of Commodore computers as the the author of the “An Introduction to BASIC” guides.

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I think we should really consider #programming (and #hacking in general) as a form of human expression, on par with writing and we should actively work to grant everybody access to it.

If you think about it, that's the whole point of #FreeSoftware.

Linus Torvalds is a hacker.
As @clacke noticed we have GNU/Linux because of his work. So he surely had a profound political impact.
Thanks to him we can move on.

I find myself frequently exiting my #IDE to use my favorite code editor, to perform an invasive text replace across many #sourcecode documents. Does your IDE offer text replacements across source code documents? If so, which IDE do you use? #programming #tools

That required changing the declarations of the subclasses.

First: IMessage. Success!

Then IPair. No problems yet.

Then ILocateFiles. Uh-oh. Cracks are appearing. Alright: manageable.

Then NamePair. Kablammo! No more #inheritance for me.

Thanks, #Java #programming language, that's exactly the level of #objectOriented architecture I always desired.



Hello! I'm moving here from the instance.

Anyway, I'll probably mostly write about #Programming (mostly #WebDevelopment, #Ruby, #Python, #Clojure, #Elixir, sometimes #JavaScript).

I also enjoy #SciFi, #Fantasy, #ComicBooks and #LEGO.

I hope to make some friends here!


I'm sorry if I came out excessively harsh.

I don't think RMS is an elitist that want to sell as freedom the power for programmers.

He is simply the son of his country and epoch.

But the point is that what you and RMS (in total good faith!) consider "absurd", I see as inevitable.

#Programming is exactly like writing: a precondition to #citizenship.

Pascal, HTML, Python were explorations of this idea that computing should be simple enough to be a method of expression..

one of my favorite resources when i'm learning some new library, language, etc. is Traversy Media on youtube. it's just one guy explaining stuff in his boston accent and he covers the basics really well.

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#introductions just realised i haven't properly introduced myself.

i'm a #teenager who lives in #Australia. a member of the #tildeverse and who loves #programming. when i'm older i want to work in cyber-#security.

atm, i'm working on building up my #online presence while programming. eventually when i get stuff sorted out i'll have a site and #gopher hole at

hope to see you around!

Author: "[Code] Comments are Evil [..] they can be avoided and instead you can focus on doing a better job of naming things."

Reasonable discussion below the article:

user: "what about THESE type of comments?"
author: "oh yea, those are great and indispensable. but i don't consider those comments to be comments."

So this is a 100% true story that I was just reminded of by an episode of Futurama:

I took a programming class in high school. I had previously learned some programming on my own, in BASIC, with line numbers. This class was in Pascal, without line numbers. My teacher said that getting rid of line numbers made it impossible to have infinite loops.

So of course I wrote a program in Pascal that was an infinite loop. It printed “How do I stop this thing?” infinitely on the screen.


I wrote some stuff about #programming #recursion and tail call optimization that mentions #python #lua #scala and #clojure

Not a really deep post but sometimes is cool to remind these topics.

It's kind of a draft still, but I think it's fine.

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"Of course, the most important aspect in any coding style is #whitespace.
Crusty old coders who have trouble spotting the glasses on their noses
can tell the difference between a tab and eight spaces from a distance
of approximately fifteen parsecs. Many a flamewar has been fought and
lost on this issue."



my first steps on #programming 😊
i was like 8-10 (i don't really remember) when i borrowed a book about visual basic from my town's library.
it was easy to follow the code to make a battleship game and figure out on the way how programming works

i know i've already boosted this but it's a Very Goode #Talk

#programming #formalLanguages #computerScience (i wish there was more #typeTheory in it too but ah well)

Tired: Sitting Desk. Wired: Standing Desk. Inspired: the all new R3 Squatting Desk from Who needs standups when you have pull-ups. #weightlifting #workfromhome #programming #doievenliftbro #powerlifting #homegym #garagegym #squats

@jrss "They used a manual someone had written which showed how to extend #Emacs, but didn't say it was a programming. So the #secretaries, who believed they couldn't do #programming, weren't scared off. They read the manual, discovered they could do useful things and they learned to program."