Co-op residents in Saskatchewan are protesting the province's decision to end the rental housing supplement program, which subsidizes low-income renters:

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Ending extreme #poverty crucial to sustainable future for all

A #sustainable #future for all is unlikely unless #globalization benefits all children, their families and communities.

The thing is that many scholarships and supports and even contests for "young artists" have an age limit instead of having different kinds of limitation. Most are limited to 40, some even to 35 years. Yeah, thanks, I am 40, and I am still just starting out.
This view reflects elitist and classist presumptions and directly obstruct lower-class artists. #classism #poverty #art #arts

Having access to arts and culture may also influence children and young adults to pay attention to these parts of life. I've only veeeery rarely been at an arts exhibition in my younger years. That's because my parents never went there. Being an artist never seemed like an option actual people had, just people very far removed of me, my family, my life.
And yes, getting a job that pays the bills obviously was a factor, too. #art #classism #poverty

It's Time to Look Underground for #ClimateResilience in Sub-Saharan #Africa

In 2014-2016, southern Africa saw its worst #drought in decades, resulting from the most severe #ElNiño event in half a century. Leading to sharp declines in crop production, the drought dealt a severe blow to food security, with millions of people across the larger Pacific region facing #hunger, #poverty and #disease.


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Here the source file for this news article by the #PhilippineDailyInquirer:
25 June 2019 A /HRC/41/39 by the UN #HumanRightsCouncil:
"Climate change and poverty - Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human


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Pertaining to that previous CW'd discussion on race/murder in South Africa, this is also very interesting to look at.

Zoom in on, for example, Cape Town (bottom left). Set the displayed data to Race, and look at how clearly the lines divide between areas of Black African, Coloured, Indian/Asian, White.

Then, keeping those lines of division in place, switch the displayed data to household income.

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On the Media's Brooke Gladstone is has been working for the past few weeks on a special addressing housing and eviction. It'll be aired in the future, but keep an eye (or ear) out for it. #OnTheMedia is seriously awesome. (through WNYC / WNYC Studios). This gunna be good, seriously. #housing #eviction #poverty #inequality #justice #renters

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Community forest management can reduce deforestation and poverty

According to the study published in the journal of Nature Sustainability, community-#forest management led to a 37% relative reduction in #deforestation and a 4.3% relative reduction in #poverty.
This is particularly significant in a low-income country, where more than a third of the country's forests are managed by a quarter of the country's population.