I've always avoided criticizing conservatives about any supposed hypocrisy because I'm very aware about my own as I recently faced. My company has been broadcasting on national television an ad where one of the actors scoffs at the idea of defunding the police, which I embrace myself.

And yet I won't resign from this company nor make any kind of internal fuss about it. I'm very aware of what I stand to lose in such a process, and I'm not eager to self-inflict this kind of hardship in a country that doesn't forgive stumbling off the corporate career ladder.

This is also why I have the utmost respect for people harboring anarchist-communist beliefs and living by them in a conservative-capitalist country like the US. I'm not even confortable tagging them because it feels like marking them for political repression but they will recognize themselves.

@mangeurdenuage Well, most of the states have certified their results and most of the lawsuits are over. So, barring either a Supreme Court decision or faithless electors at the electoral college, we know #Biden will be the next President, taking over in January.

I'm still trying to avoid nearly all #politics / #USPol / #Election_2020 news and discussion, but it is time for #Trump and his supporters to face reality and accept defeat. A better focus is the upcoming runoff elections for two #GA Senate seats.

♲ #SteveBell on #DonaldTrump’s #WhiteHouse balcony appearance — #cartoon | Opinion | The Guardian…

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I got a chuckle out of seeing people asking where Belarus is. I attended California public schools. At that time, CA schools were 47th out of the 50 states. As a result, in times like this, I expect everyone who did not live in Mississippi to have received a better education than I did.

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"Big data" and visualizations make everything look simple, but #COVID-19, like everything else in the real world, is messy. OP argues that the data is noisy, contradictory, and incomplete ... and that it will be years before we can reliably draw any conclusions from it.

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As a follow-up to me posting my political compass yesterday here is the results of my Poltiscale analysis. I'd say most of these axis seem pretty accurate compared to my self-image

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"Body blow! Body blow! Left hook!"

Newsweek gives #Sanders the beat down like he was "Glass Joe" in the game "Punch Out".

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#Vox examines the similarities and differences between Bernie #Sanders and Elizabeth #Warren [vox]

As you know, I generally avoid #politics and #pollies (politicians). But I’m reading a little bit more these days in preparation for the election in November. So far, I’m still not likely to support any #twin_parties candidate. #uspol

Democracy is perhaps a more present example.

The general trend over the last century in the West is to have increasing democracy, and that has been mostly to the good. Does it follow then that we should favour lowering the age of voting, proportional representation, more frequent elections, or the use of referenda? Not at all. Some of those policies may be desirable, but they ought to be supported on their merits. It's not enough to say that they are progressive.

I dislike the term "progressive" in politics, because I don't believe that there history has a path, one in which we either move forward (good) or backwards (bad).

History seems much more to me like a pendulum. At one point in time it tends towards one unhealthy extreme, then there is a correction, then it tends towards a different unhealthy extreme.

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I'm here to follow, learn, share and debate. I'll probably toot more in spanish, but I could do it also in english and I also can speak french. These are some of my interests:

Estoy aquí para seguir, aprender, compartir y debatir. Probablemente tootee más en español pero puede que lo haga también en inglés, y puedo igualmente hablar francés. Éstos son algunos de mis intereses:


WaPo: "... no president since World War II has lost reelection when unemployment was below 7.4 percent." [washington post]

Is that really true? I haven't checked yet. I realize that wallet issues are life issues, but I'd expect other major issues to occasionally outweigh the economy.

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Reminder to UK folks that registering to vote is a small part of the toolkit for resistance, and that the vote registration deadline is tonight. Register if you haven't yet. Master's tools and all that, but it's still something you can do that could improve the lives of people in the immediate future.

Registrations per day is currently occurring at a higher rate than the that in the election in which the Tories lost their majority and Labour gained 30 seats, back in June 2017. Yesterday's total, for instance, is 177% more than the number of signups for the equivalent day in the 2017 elections, and the preceding days show a similar trend. The majority of these are young people, as is usually the case.

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From the folks who brought you the Panama Papers: the China Cables, a leaked "telegram" that is essentially a manual to running the massive Xinjiang Uyghur internment camps. The documents also reveal a system of automated mass surveillance.

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This is an #introduction post...kinda.

Hit me up with your #pinebookpro toots. Mine is on order and I'm looking forward to getting it.

I toot a lot about #politics, especially of the leftist sort.

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