Just returned from my local polling place. Turnout, so far, only 26%.

All of a sudden I don't have a good feeling about this election.

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Today (day before the EU Parliament elections in the UK) the Scottish version of the Labour Party leaflet arrived. Previously, voters in the Highlands had been sent a leaflet designed for Wales.

All the leaflets are delivered as "election communications", which mean they are delivered free by Royal Mail. Does this mean that the Welsh leaflet for the Highlands mix-up was a Royal Mail error?

If I were an agent for a competing party I'd be checking this situation.

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Election Maps UK have made these seat predictions based on the YouGov polling:

Brexit Party: 34 (+34)
LibDem: 13 (+12)
Lab: 9 (-11)
Green: 9 (+6)
Con; 2 (-17)
SNP: 2 (=)
PC: 1 (=)
UKIP: 0 (-24)

* I suspect the SNP may well achieve a third seat.
* Scottish Greens *might* get their first seat.
* The figure of 9 is for E&W Greens, I believe.

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The European Parliament elections will take place in the UK to-morrow (Thursday). Polling places will open at 7pm and close at 10pm.

As other EU countries conduct their elections on days between Thursday & Sunday, the UK counts won't take place until Sunday with results (probably) on Monday. The EU has always been concerned about info leaks from counts.

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There are (will be) a few polls today for the European Parliament elections. Most of the polls show the same pattern as this one from YouGov:

Brexit Party 37%
LibDem 19%
Lab 13%
Green 12%
Con 7%
ChUK 4%
Other 6%

* BP polling more than Lab/Con combined
* Greens polling above Cons
* SNP & PC don't have high polling in UK wide poll

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I once wrote an article about Guy Verhofstadt.

The article was entitled:
Guy Verhofstadt - the good guy

I had meant to put a question mark at the end of the title, but omitted it by accident.

The omission of that punctuation mark made a huge difference to how people approached my whole article.

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Esto pensaba un gringo de Puerto Rico (ni lo podian decir o escribir bien): "Porto Rico is one of our own back doors—and the back doors of our homes are the places where the germs come in. These fair-haired young sailors of ours come into these tropical ports. Thousands of these Porto Rican laborers have been imported into the states recently." Laura Briggs - Reproducing the empire #empire #usa #assasins #crazyness #politics #history #puertorico

Chris Grayling has an inverse Midas touch.

Everything he touches turns to unmentionable brown stuff.


1964 Gulf of Tonkin.

If you are too young or don't remember, now is good time to learn about it. It's happening again now with Iran - just substitute Iran for Vietnam.

Link -

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