"The Alt-Right Playbook: Always a Bigger Fish"

Damn, this is a really good deconstruction of hierarchical thinking in capitalist democracy. It almost doesn't go far enough, though. #politics #hierarchy

There might be a few more folk shown in this overhead photo looking down The Mall, London.

People's Vote march today.

Actually, The Mall is just around the corner from Downing St., I wonder if Theresa May has popped-out to see what is happening.

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Looks like there might be a few people on the People's March today.

Scene at Park Lane/Hyde Park a few minutes ago.

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"Brexit: EU wins itself some breathing space."

A genuine BBC news headline from yesterday. Deluded or propaganda?

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"The people voted for pain."
Prime Minister
Theresa May

Reported by Vince Cable. Extraordinary statement by PM, if true. Sounds plausible.

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The man from the EU (Donald Tusk) say:

If May's Deal gets approved by Westminster, then Article 50 extension till May 22nd.

If Westminster doesn't agree May's Deal, then extension only until April 12th.

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Considering the massive popularity of the Revoke Article 50 petition, should the focus of the Peoples Vote March on Saturday be changed?

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Hey Nicola,

A no-deal #Brexit could happen in less than 200 hours.

Where's the lifeboat?

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The Brussels Manoeuvre (2019)

Starring Theresa May, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and special un-invited guest stars The DUP. Occasional comic relief appearances by Jeremy Corbyn.

The PM is totally unconvincing in her role, and out of her depth, as usual. A tired, re-hashed script with predictable dire outcomes.

Starts as a drama, becomes a crisis and eventually a horror film. On TVs everywhere, today.

Rating: 0/10

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British politics as it happened today.

Actually, could be any day in the last 2½ years.

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