Tuesday #column: That moment when one of the weakest governments in a day and an age threatens a century old industry with a gas-ban. #politics #greennewdeal #environmentalism

Sauron gets a Gas-Ban:

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Already exhausted w campaign season and the same milk toast candidate selection?? Well I have an announcement...

A list describing "all them rules innit" that the EU has foisted on the UK.

Out of 34,105 UK laws, 4,514 were influenced by the EU and *only* 72 were opposed by the UK.

A useful reference, but also a humorous read.

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It's a very intricated chapter of our history whose dots joins Mafia and Allied invasion of Sicily, the death of #Falcone and #Borsellino, the raise of Berlusconi and it still have deep consequences on all level of our #Politics, culture and ethics.

Whatever the intentions of the protagonists (whether they were afraid of URSS, just greed for power or both) they sold our collective soul for centuries.

"I see Neil Kinnock has been pronounced a Welsh wizard because he is able to seize an opportunity and make it disappear."

Bob Monkhouse (1992)

Could that apply to anyone today?

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"Nicola should be concentrating all her energies on the independence agenda, where we will never have better circumstances. As far as I am concerned Westminster's Brexit difficulty should be Scotland's opportunity."

"Right now the Westminster political establishment is at its weakest point in my lifetime, while the national movement is in good heart. There is not likely to be a better time to force the issue."

Alex Salmond
January 20th 2019

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I've just noticed there was a film released in 2017 called Mayhem.

Surprisingly, it isn't a biopic of Theresa May.


Interesting frontpage for today's Sunday Times.

Not so much for the headline, as May has been in meltdown for months. It is the photo the paper has used. Someone has been busy with Photoshop. Theresa May doesn't look like that. Note her eye colour in today's newspaper and compare it with her official photo used in Wikipedia.

I don't think that is a lighting effect. I wonder why they did it.

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Guys, wonderful exchange!

@dgold a note: while a careful read of what @clacke said shows you mostly agree, even if you didn't would make your exchange more valuable, not less. For example if was valuable to me because I somehow agree with you both.

I often paraphrase Clausewitz saying tha #technology is a prosecution of #politics by other means. So IMO programming IS always a political act.



Want to have a laugh?

Some newspaper headlines from the recent past. The first one from The Times. Jingoistic nonsense from exactly two years ago.

"May to EU: Give us fair deal or you'll be crushed"

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Check out the upcoming European elections of 2019. Which one do you think is the most important?

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Firefly, the budget Malaysian airline caught up in an airspace dispute between Malaysia and Singapore, hopes for a reprieve and get landing slots at Singapore Changi Airport to continue flights.

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