"Facebook doesn't have users, it has hostages at this point..." Cindy Cohen of the #eff in Karen Swisher's #podcast.

- [15/01] Émission « Libre Ă  vous ! » de l' @aprilorg 'PĂ©pites libres, conditions d’accĂšs aux documents administratifs (CADA)' avec Marc Dandelot, prĂ©sident de la CADA (Commission d'accĂšs aux documents administratifs), Xavier Berne (journaliste Ă  Next INpact) et Tangui Morlier (membre du collectif Regards Citoyens) #podcast

if anyone knows a #Linux #podcast app that is on the level of Pocast Addict, they should @ me at the speed of light and tell me about it

"La majorité des policiers mobilisés ne sont pas formés au maintien de l'ordre" ( en #replay & #podcast


Retrouvez la discussion avec David Dufresne et HĂ©lĂšne L’Heuillet sur le site de France Culture.


I might start a #podcast. I learned yesterday that a coworker does one, and the notion that *someone I interact with in person* is motivating.

Entrevista a Alberto Flores – 05×04.1 KDE y software para el arte I: imagen #Eventos #Podcast

I've found a #metal track that is creative commons and I'm allowed to use it as a title melody/opening music for my #podcast, yay!
the first one I listened to was the track I really liked. It's "not to scale or painted" by cloudkicker here:

and I found it via the open metal cast.

anyways pls listen to #GreaterBoston, it's very good with very good characters

#podcast #audioDrama