One thing I love about research is that seeing results and thinking "that doesn't make sense" is as likely to precede a disappointing realisation as it is an incredibly rewarding realisation.

Just had that reaction now, and crossing my fingers for the latter.

One of the more helpful truisms out there for me, specifically re: my research, has been "it doesn't work, until it does".


Every academic I meet in person compared to the website biography photo
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Trying to get my study past ethical approval and just soooo tired. Wanting to re-submit the darn thing, afraid I'll miss details due to tiredness... but I also really did hope to do some research over this conference so I need to try anyway! #phdchat

I'm reading a lot about mental models of software and data at the minute. I'm a little worried that the changing shape of technology means that an article from the early or 90s might not accurately reflect today's technology users. Thoughts / migitation strategies? #phdchat

Have you been avoiding that project for weeks because you're afraid of it?
Because in your heart you're really worried your idea doesn't work and you're a failure?
Open that workbook. Look back at that manuscript. Just jump in and look at it for a while. I GUARANTEE you you'll find something interesting you didn't see before.
You are not a fraud. Science has never gone the way I expected.
Believe in yourself. You're brilliant and people will like your work.

« For most people open plan is not conducive for writing. You need a quiet place to think and write. #PhDchat #ECRchat #postdoc #acwri »

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I passed my PhD viva yesterday, subject to minor corrections! Just call me Dr. Guy. [...]
Fun fact: I haven't written my thesis acknowledgements yet because every time I try to think about all of the amazing people who have supported me over all this time I cry. #phdchat

Okay after like a week of hermitting in my room, not changing my clothes (pyjamas), minimal interactions with other people in the house, oversleeping, and forgetting to eat... I finally left the house and today I'm working from coffee shops and maybe the library in Joondalup. I realised after I got on the bus though that I should probably have showered before I left the house oh well at least people will leave me alone.