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Not many people discussing Canadian politics on Mastodon...

@keithzg @ink_slinger Wouldn't they just apply the same rules as in Sask, Man, Ont? Those provinces are also suing, but the taxes are being collected.

The Ford government is putting stickers on all the gas pumps so that people know it's the feds who've raised the cost.

Shutting down Ontario's Child Advocate's office "is one of the new Progressive Conservative government’s least explicable and very worst decisions. The Ombudsman will take over some functions, and goodness knows there’s a lot in the CFS file for an ombudsman to sink their teeth into. But an ombudsman isn’t an advocate."

Chris Selley: Ontario PCs will regret eliminating child advocate

@politique Mike Harris a bien compris le problème, et a promis de le résoudre avant son éléction. Est-ce que les PCs d'aujourd'hui sont si préparés ?

"Quebec’s language laws enjoy widespread support across the linguistic spectrum nowadays, but they nevertheless constitute a genuine abridgement of human rights. Closing a university that doesn’t exist and ending the standalone operations of a 10-year-old office that fields fewer than one inquiry a day … doesn’t."

Chris Selley | National Post

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Patrick Brown resigns from leadership of PCPO! Ontario election in June!