this #HackerNews thread about #MagicWormhole has links to some nifty tools that use #WebTorrent to do what a lot of people use proprietary tools like #DropBox or #OneDrive for, sending large, non-sensitive files from one person's computer to another persons:

Here's what a fresh/non-cached page from gets from the mothership.

513 requests. 82MB.

I don't know if I want to laugh or cry.

Trying out the #onedrive #linux client for a volunteer effort:

Not bad so far. Packages in #ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04

Other than the filthy feeling I got for making a account, this may not be so bad.

I still prefer #keybase #kbfs though. I am still having to keep a complete copy of the onedrive data on my local drive where kbfs streams it. However, I also tend to have reasonably reliable internet when I work.

Ok #Mastodon, is there a free (preferably even libre lol) #markdown editor #app for #Android which can sync with #OneDrive?
I know, I know 😥

Sharing my media collection with friends:

- rsync/scp/ftp is fragile for big files, firewall/NAT problems
- #bittorrentsync went payware
- #dropbox / #onedrive / #icloud are payware at this scale (and evil)
- #bittorrent needs manual creation of torrent files, no browsing
- #retroshare has no ipv6; linux crashes
- #syncthing isn't made for this, fiddly settings needed to avoid accidentally propagating deletes.
- #nextcloud not made for this, PITA to install, firewall issues.


Aujourd'hui : formation académique sur l'usage du numérique à l'école.
Tous les documents présentés sont stockés sur #GoogleDrive ou #OneDrive, et on nous apprend que l'État a passé des partenariats avec plusieurs prestataires privés pour qu'ils mettent à disposition des ressources pédagogiques à disposition des élèves et des profs. Les plate-formes en questions sont toutes fermées et n'assurent pas la pérennité des documents.
Et on nous parle d'éducation à la citoyenneté & d'identité numérique.

¿En que estaba pensando cuando hice un backup de todos los cds de Beethoven en #OneDrive? Ahora para descargarlos tengo que hacerlo carpeta por carpeta, porque si le das a "todo junto" la pagina asquerosa te da error.