@ckeen #Nextcloud talk ( hosted on an #OpenBSD 6.4 sparc64 server works for me in #Firefox between two OpenBSD -current laptops.

Make sure you have a working microphone (Audacity is great for testing this).

On laptops you need to run as root:

chown $USER /dev/video0

You also need the ffmpeg package for codecs.
Check /usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes/firefox for more information.

#Nextcloud is again number one in the list of "best DIY cloud storage tools" from!

Need to extract files in the #Nextcloud web interface? Extract comes to the rescue - zip files take just a right click, RAR is work-in-progress and it works with external storage, too!

Bryan Lunduke talks about the future of computing - will data be under control of the users or corporations? He sees a role for #Nextcloud but will it be enough?

What are your thoughts? #selfhosting #opensource #privacy

Carnet is a new, easy to use note taking app in the #nextcloud ecosystem, using HTML in the back-end, with Google Keep import, folder organization, keywords, search and an Android app (with pin code protection!) - learn more

Oh and I had to manually check the admin area of my #Nextcloud instance to see which version I am running. Guess what? I have been upgraded to the latest version without even noticing it! Thanks to @nextcloud, but of course also @ubuntu, @snapcraftio, and @kyrofa. Keep up the great work, you all 😀

With RC1 of #Nextcloud 16 out, the app store is very active with apps updating and getting ready. Is your own app updated? The apps you use?

Excited yet? #nextcloud 16RC1 is here! Time to help us finish that end-sprint and get it as stable and polished as possible for the final release!

As user of a snapshot-capable filesystem like #btrfs or #zfs you might have wondered why #nextcloud doesn't use those snapshots for versioning! Well, because you didn't set it up yet, of course... Go do it!

New apps are joining the #nextcloud ecosystem all the time. Find out how to extract ZIP files, view 3-D images, edit links or add a footer to folders!