On the #Netflix thing, all three kids had Netflix accounts, but now at least the younger two do not. I'm not sure whether they have Disney+ accounts, but I do know 2nd son had one for a while (because #sonTwo watched The Mandalorian for a while). I think they both just have basic cable TV + cable Internet now.
La masa de imagenes consumidas por occidente acerca del #narcotráfico, los capos, las putas y los cultivos de #coca, son, oscuramente y por debajo de toda esa perfección, la miseria de toda la #periferia de #Ecuador, #Colombia y #México, que se enfrenta cada día a ejércitos oficiales y a matones por igual, ahora respaldados por la pléyade de riqueza que despliegan los parásitos de #Netflix en sus mediocres y acríticas narco-series.

"Oh maldito polvo", que destruyes las narices de los ricos y las tierras de los pobres.

Highly recommend Warrior Nun on #Netflix -- just finished watching the entire series today

It draws upon the Catholic mythology and presents it in a different and interesting angle, taking no sides to the religion.

Yo Christians don't get mad about #Netflix having a parody of Jesus being gay when you portray him as a limp-wristed "tender and mild" man with luscious locks. That's on y'all.

La 'droga' fluye de nuevo por la fibra óptica, las venas que traen contenidos a los dispositivos.

30 minutes on Netflix, Prime, etc. or a 6 km drive emit the same amount of #CO2

#Netflix, #AmazonPrime, and other such streaming services have ushered in a new era of entertainment. Such platforms allow us to watch videos at our on #convenience at minimal yearly or monthly subscription plans. But every time we use these services on our devices, there is a hidden #environmental #cost involved. Confused? Allow us to paint a clear picture for you.


For reference, the installation of on required downloading a zip file to use as a repository, apt-get install for a few packages, and then using pip to install pycryptodome.


Once OSMC updates to (probably in 2020), the apt-get and pip steps should be unnecessary.

Very happy with my new installation of . It's essentially [0] + , without GNOME or X Windows. The installation is easy; it's fast on my 3; and installed with very little fuss; I can use my phone as a remote control; there are lots of plugins, including TV and .

The speed probably comes from overclocking to 1200 MHz.

[0] Real Debian, currently Stretch (oldstable), armhf.

Regarder un film en HD sur #netflix, pas de problème, regarder un docu sur arte au sujet de Toto Riina, ça rame à mort.

La faute de qui ?

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[ ] de la mafia
[ ] du lecteur d'arte
[ ] Du Dimanche matin
[ ] De l'automne

On location for filming of the new #Netflix series The Irregulars #InTheSaddle

Le 12 août dernier, les médias ont annoncé en fanfare le lancement de #Salto, le « #Netflix français », lancement déjà annoncé en juin 2018. En réalité, une étape (purement bureaucratique) a été franchie. Mais quel avenir attend Salto ?

Ce gouvernement, c'est libéral pour les citoyens, social pour les copains des majors de l'audiovisuel.

Le bonheur du #EnMêmeTemps, la joie de l'empierrement maximum pour les petites gens.


#FranckRiester veut tordre le bras à #Netflix via

"People don't actually want #television performance anymore... I know we all love TV, we all love watching our #Netflix instead of sleeping—which is really stupid, by the way.. Your own dreams are much more interesting than whatever they put on Netflix.. but that's another point.

We don't really want TV anymore, certainly not on #politics. What we want in a digital age is NON FICTION THRUTH.
#Democracy in the #digitalage is gonna have to be #participatory."

@jz @Mozilla that #DRM thing is really unfortunate. But it was a w3c decision, so this bad thing had been standardised. And of Mozilla would not have implemented it, they would now have probably -20% market share/users, because everyone who wants to use #netflix would immediately switch to another browser.

Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. What I appreciated about this #documentary on #Facebook and the whole #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, is that it's one of the few #privacy #documentaries to get that protecting personal data isn't just about not seeing personalized ads for stuff you're more likely to want. It's about protecting ourselves from mass psychological manipulation and behavior modification techniques. These are techniques that actually work *best* when people believe they don't.

zacząłem oglądać...

"Ptaki szaleją, drzewa krwawią... Będzie gówniany rok."

Czarny Punkt

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