Just wanted to give a huge recommendation for my peeps to check-out ‘s Netron.

A great, interactive way to viz the computational graph of your deep networks. Works with nearly any framework (as well as ONNX)

@xuv first tests with #ganbreader (super weird way of creating images!!!)

I really like to explore the latent space of this #GanBreeder app.
I could spend hours generating new images there. Very inspiring.

Anybody else has an account there?


#ML Functor: A map from modules to modules

#Haskell Functor: A category-structure-preserving map from "Hask" to "Hask"

ML Applicative Functor: A non-generative ML functor

Haskell Applicative Functor: An endofunctor that preserves the Cartesian category structure of "Hask"

Funny how both "functor" and "applicative functor" have different meanings in ML and Haskell!