Wondering where all the #mefite folks went who rode the big wave into the fediverse last august. I miss @Jen_Lee and @kelliebob !

@skehmatics @ida
This is #mefite-adjacent. Lava beans. Don't overthink them.

@ink_slinger I dunno about everyone else but I found and followed a bunch of mefites as soon as I discovered the #mefite tag, and that seemed to kicked off a bunch of reciprocal follows.

Did a bunch of new folks join the fediverse recently, or did they all just suddenly find and start following me, in particular, at approximately the same moment? The former seems more likely, but I don't see any recent posts on Metafilter that would have led to it.

(I'm not much of a #mefite anymore --buttoned my original account, mostly lurk now with a sockpuppet/BND account-- but I do enjoy staying in touch with other #mefites in exile.)

Mastodon seems a lot busier recently, especially with #MeFite s! This is good.

I just noticed the “State of the Site” post on #MetaFilter:

Even if you are not a #mefite but enjoy their content and their community – one of the best-moderated spaces of the Internet – please consider helping them out with a subscription or a one-time donation.

Even though I no longer include it in my bio, I am a and will pretty much automatically follow you if I find out you are also a MeFite.

@leifm hashtags sometimes (I like #mefite, #amreading, #plants, #weather ). but mostly just reading the local and federated timeline for a few months. helps that I joined a smallish instance when it was even smaller.

Things I've noticed about myself:
I'm more likely to follow people with:
Gamer, #MeFi or #MeFite, #roleplayer in their profile

I'm almost entirely unlikely to follow people with reference to belief in magic (I'm a SCIENTIST for crying out loud), anarchists, and libertarians. (I'm a democratic socialist)


English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

Hashtags to connect.

Research and Practice

#mooc #moocs



#uke (maybe?)
#architecture esp #Metabolism
#MeFi #MeFite
#TvsZ anyone?
@gotanda on birbsite and most other places

Anyone who want to join us the #metafilter #MST3K club just started up for the evening. We watch MST3K on Cy.Tube and chat. Open to anyone who wants to come by, you don't have to be a #mefite , we are friendly (and behind quite a few of the mass immigration waves to Masto from what I can tell)


Also since there's been the whole big flurry of activity, here's a re- #introductions bit to say either howdy or hi again:

I'm Josh Millard, aka cortex on #MetaFilter, a very long-lived (founded in 1999!) community website I run. That's the hub of most of my online life. I'm a #mefite.

But when I'm not dealing with MeFi stuff, I also paint (which I post about here a fair bit) and do misc. #art stuff and music, and play a fair few video games.

I have sort of a thing for Menger sponges.

Hello everyone. I'm part of tonight's influx from #metafilter, where I go by 'egregious theorem'. I do and teach math and stuff for my job, and I also like to wrestle, bike, sing, build, and read. #introductions #mefite

Hi all. I'm one of the wave of folks who have arrived from #metafilter today (I'm Numenius there). I'm a geographer and informatics specialist in my day job. I enjoy doing visual art such as #drawing, #sketching (including #urbansketching) , and #photography, especially of landscapes, both urban and natural.

Obligatory photo of our cats is below.


@saradgore I am also a #mefite because @Canageek insisted. These days I lurk more than I talk, but if there's ever a Seattle meetup I'd be up for it.