¿Qué es mastodon?

video 2'16'' en inglés con subs en varios idiomas


Bonsoir #Mastodon,

Je me lance : Je voudrais savoir si vous connaîtriez une #École qui pourrait me former au métier de #developpeur (et me donner plus tard un grade d'ingé). Je suis en fin de #licence de Lettre Modernes et je souhaiterais devenir développeur (peut-être en double-cursus avec un master en lettres). Auriez-vous des idées ? Je suis très très motivé mais je trouve beaucoup de barrières et je ne connais pas trop le milieu surtout.

Merci d'avance,

Repouet apprécié

Working on a greeter bot for #Mastodon, written in Python. Might be interesting if you want to write your own bots?

@lucy considering helping pleroma as well, but right now my skills align pretty well with #mastodon and I'd love to contribute some more. It's just sad that it isn't as welcoming for new devs as it could be.


And yet #Mastodon devs charge money to allow you to access the internal Discord ;)

#Halcyon is a service that makes Mastodon look like Twitter.

You can use it at one of the instances listed here:

You can find the Halcyon source code and install it on your own server here:

(You can also install it via @yunohost)

You can follow the developers here:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Twitter #Mastodon

Je viens de configurer mon compte #Mastodon de secours. Pour être sûr de ne pas me perdre en cas di'incident sur le compte principal sur, merci d'ajouter :


Just configured my #Mastodon backup account. Please add it to be sure not losing anything in case of incident with the main account on
Thanks to add:








#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン

Sounds a bit #strange, why would you #close and then #look for people? :think_bread:

And I'd assume, with that message you'll only be #poaching people from other instance.. The message probably won't find #newcomers to the #fedivers, who want to join #mastodon and associate with #bsd :freebsd: :netbsd: :openbsd:
They will just see that is closed...

This looks promising...really cool that in barely a year we have #mastodon totally mature, federated video sharing and now federated image sharing...soon Flickr & Youtube could die in peace, the internet has its own solution figured out !

@PresGas It should be activitypub-wide too, in the end, but I am not exactly sure how reliable it is from other servers other than #Mastodon, but I have now also tested it in @osada, which is another activitypub server, and I can see my #Plume account from there too!

So you should be able to connect to and from a Plume account just fine as is.

@mareklach Ahhh! So the remote follow function is exclusive to #mastodon and not #activitypub wide?

@PresGas True. Also, if you are inside Mastodon, then following a Plume blog is also very easy, just put @username@plume.instance into the #Mastodon search bar.

So because I am on,

From mastodon I would search for my #Plume blog as @mareklach.

Works like a charm really.

My ideal image description tool:

- UX and UI from #Twitter when adding a description to one or multiple images (both on mobile and desktop)

- the possibility of adding alternative text to other types of media such as GIFs exactly like #Mastodon allows you to do so

- an ALT symbol that can be seen by everyone to mark that media as described

- visible image descriptions just like #Tusky and #Mastalab implemented


@PresGas What you want to do is possible within #Plume, if still a bit unintuitive at this stage:

1. Log in to your Plume #instance.

2. If you want to follow anyone on #Mastodon, #Misskey, #Osada, or within the #fediverse at large from within Plume, add their full profile adress behind the Plume URL, like this: @/

3. Their profile will be displayed in Plume, and you can click on 'follow' to follow them.

I attach an illustrative screenshot to demonstrate this:







#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography