♲ #introductions #hola a todos soy nuevo en este mundo de #Mastodon, que grupos o contenido puedo ver?

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De este tipo de contenidos estaría bien, acepto sugerencias, muchas gracias.

Se acaba de dar a conocer la liberación de la nueva versión de #Mastodon 3.2 la cual consta de 380 confirmaciones de 27 colaboradores desde el 14 de mayo de 2020.
An article I recently read talked about the copyright battles of the late 1990s as instructive to what #decentralized, #federated and #peer-to-peer networks will face if and when we become threatening to the big #corpocentric networks. I think it is something we need to think about.

Unfortunately, some parts of the #Fediverse (primarily, but not exclusively #Mastodon) have marketed themselves with promises of privacy, control, immunity from recourse, and personal security that none of these networks (nor the protocols they use) were ever designed to provide. The article looked at that as failure, instead of recognizing it for what it was: marketing & advertising puffery.

“It slices! It dices!”

#mastodon #question: Do you know of a way to easily remove followed accounts that are assumed to be retired? (Say, no activity in the last year.)

Hmm. #Sphere now has a #Mastodon instance. ... says they’ve been around since 2018. By the way, the things they state in that blog post are admirable: get people to interact with one another in person instead of from behind electronic screens.

I foresee that their socnet presence will be seen as spam.
If you run a federated social networking node/instance I'm really curious what kind of system resource usage you are seeing.

I run Friendica and I really love it, but it's also the single largest source maintenance on my VPS. The database is huge, the ext storage is huge. PHP requests also constantly trigger slow logs to the point I gave Friendica it's own fpm pool with a sixty second slow log trigger and two minute timeout. The problem is, however, that I don't know if this is normal for of all social instances (i.e. mastodon, pleroma, etc.).

That said, I've noticed Friendica getting faster with development over time and the Friendica devs are amazing! They are fast to give support help or answer some of my more ignorant questions with patience. This is huge to me and outweighs the resource issues for the most part.

Still, I'm just curious if every federated project is this resource heavy, and maybe it's just a requisite of implementing the ActivityPub and other protocols... or maybe I'm doing something wrong ha. I don't know, I just want to get a feel for this from other administrators!

System resource usage for Friendica on
CPU: Negligible
RAM: Negligible
MySQL (mariadb): 14gb (after fresh optimize)
Storage dir: 9gb
Proxy dir: 4gb

If there's any info I should add let me know and I'll post it. I have only a couple of sim-regular users, but I've had a couple hundred of (apparently) fake accounts. I manually remove the obvious ones that post spam or have obvious marketing names, but the vast majority never seem to do anything on the site, so I utilize the feature to remove old accounts after a certain number of months inactive. I also have fairly conservative data-retention settings for the proxy and elsewhere in settings.

Please share your experiences if you can! :)

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@gargron wants to replace the current scope limited #Mastodon fake direct messages with real DMs, E2E encrypted using OLM (an implementation of Signal’s encryption). Good. People have sent personally identifying information and financial data across fake DMs, not aware that others could accidentally see the contents.

Bad: Scope limited posts are going away entirely. SLPs / SLMs are useful. They are just regular messages, but sent only to the @mentioned users. That could be the foundation for something like #Diaspora’s Aspects. If there’s no pretense that they are private, and they are treated and displayed like other posts, they are good.

The issue has always been the name. Pretending SLMs are DMs means people send each other private information. I don’t believe any instance admins would intentionally read them or misuse information in such posts, but having that information in your database could be bad news when “John Q Cracker” breaks into the server.

♲ During that time I have met a lot of nice new people, also in real life. Some of them are still here, some are gone or I don't find them anymore after so many instance breakdowns, especially in the #gnusocial world. Luckily the #Fediverse is still growing and new ppl arrive while others leave again. I am glad to be a part of this network. #Mastodon #Fediverse12 #HappyFedi2U If you are interested in #FreeSoftware #GNULinux feel free to follow. I usually follow back.

I've come across a lot of people in the fediverse who appear to be using Mastodon, but I think would find the privacy model of Diaspora much more to their liking. If Diaspora ever has a change of heart and decides to federate over ActivityPub, and produce some user-friendly web videos etc explaining how the Diaspora UI works, I suspect they would have a huge uptick in users. I can certainly think of people I'd encourage to migrate there.

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Definitely all #GS (and #StatusNet if there are any left; and #postActiv) instances, most #Friendica and a few #Hubzilla instances. A few remaining (not updated) #Mastodon and #Pleroma instances.

At one time, there was a plugin for WordPress that let people comment over #OStatus. I do not know if said plugin is still maintained.
Sí, me ha llegado la notificación de que me sigues. :)

Genial, así tenemos más contacto y cuando pase todo esto hablamos "de pollos y huertos " :)

Hablando de #huertos y esas cosas, yo lo tengo delegado en @cayentana por si quieres seguir esa cuenta también.

Y sobre #Mastodon, el #Fediverso y esas cosas, pide #ayuda y sobre todo haz una presentación con tus preferencias o inquietudes y pon la etiqueta #amadrinaje y enseguida te echan/echamos una mano con lo que sea.

Yo no estoy en Mastodon, sino en otra red que se llama !gnusocial pero de temas generales puedes preguntar lo que quieras.

Te dejo algún enlace para empezar
@licho #Mastodon 3.x and #Pleroma 2x no longer speak the #OStatus federation protocol. !GNUsocial 2.0 will add the #ActivityPub federation protocol, so ask your admin to be ready to upgrade soon.
Huzzah! This will be my GNU Social account, which I will use to follow @lnxw48a1 and explore this side of the #Fediverse (since #Pleroma and #Mastodon are weirdly disconnected from #GNUSocial). I've been at (#Pleroma) for a while, but I look forward to using this account, too.
@diogo Thank you for your explanation. Now I really see a page on the loadaverage site that tells its server version. And #AndStatus still successfully connects to the server (I'm writing to you using it).
This means that the authentication problem that I reported is caused by a configuration of a concrete server, and not by the latest version of #GnuSocial :-)

Using a chance to talk with you, I hope that you will find time for Client-to-Server #ActivityPub API also. I'm extending support of that API in AndStatus, and already see that not only #Pleroma, but even some #Mastodon sites begin to implement some parts of the API, allowing a Client app to request information directly from its sources, without a need to duplicate it. E.g. Notes by an Actor may be requested from the Actor's profile (from the Actor's outbox) at his site, and not from the server, at which the User of the Client app has an account...

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Qué sustos me dais cada vez que actualizáis #Mastodon XD

> To what extent does is #Mastodon and the #Fediverse in general controlled by #Cloucflare?

It's a good question. I'm not sure. Maybe to the extent that instances runs on "cloud" servers (AWS etc) and other middleware layers that automatically run stuff through Cloudflare to prevent #DDoS and other bot or hive-like activity? Can anyone shed any light on this?







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Good points on how to federate #socialmedia using the #fediverse

"#Platforms should be fast, scalable, easy to port should I need to switch platforms/servers. Popularity is a concern but that doesn't mean you have to
compromise for data mining monsters like #TikTok or #Facebook, because everyone’s using it”


Social Media Influencer

You mean I can make more money than I ever have before just to be like the fool that manages the #Mastodon project’s #Twitter account?

@slimeblob yes,
Dispora has it's own federation protocol (a variant of #OStatus), and last I checked its core team adamantly refused to consider adding #ActivityPub. I can see why in a way. D* works quite differently to Titter-a-likes like #Mastodon and #Pleroma. But that didn't stop Mike McG from supporting AP in #Hubzilla and later #Zap.