Is it easy (possible) to migrate one's posts and your Follows list from #Mastodon to #Pleroma ?

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I wish #mastodon would have the option to 'default close' toots without CW.

@iulius yo también! quiero poner mi propia instancia, pero me gustaría más usar #pleroma o #mastodon

vous voulez générer des couleurs personnalisées pour votre installation de #mastodon ? utilisez cette page en #angular pour générer le code en sélectionnant visuellement les couleurs
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People, I want to follow more people on #mastodon. Do you have recommendations? I'm looking for all kind of random interesting people, but please no more male white developers, my life already has too many of those - myself included...

Is there a thing like #followfriday or something like that?

@MLazzle A Fediversian has posted a blog entry describing how to move instances. It was posted Jan 2019.

As to whether you need to create a new account the answer I think is yes but you can import your data etc from the old account.

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Wird mal Zeit das dass immer noch nicht vorhandene Multi Account #Feature von #Mastodon mal wieder Aufmerksamkeit bekommt.

Lasst den @Gargron auf #Github doch mal wissen das wir diese #Funktion immer noch vermissen. Ein paar Daumen nach oben zu dem #Issue und ein paar eigene Worte von euch würden da sicher viel bringen.

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I think "the whole zoo" is on #Mastodon these days - every day there are toots about new species of #animals and #wildlife (as well as all the furries who are on here 😆 )

Je viens de configurer mon compte #Mastodon de secours. Pour être sûr de ne pas me perdre en cas di'incident sur le compte principal sur, merci d'ajouter :


Just configured my #Mastodon backup account. Please add it to be sure not losing anything in case of incident with the main account on
Thanks to add:



#mastodon #update all good:

Mastodon 2.7.2
Ruby 2.5.1p57
PostgreSQL 9.6.11
Redis 3.2.6