Is there something special about the way #Mastodon federates deletes? I log all received payloads on my #Socialhome dev instance, tried deleting an unlisted and then public toot which was delivered to my dev instance, but the delete never arrievs 🤔

ping @Gargron @nightpool

Apple is featuring, Mastonaut, the first native Mac app for #Mastodon, in the Mac App Store. Pretty cool.

@drbjork @dansup well… you still have zoom functionalities on websites etc. (and #Mastodon)

I guess Mastodon et al care for #accessibility.

@lain @dansup If the #Pleroma Twitter account is set to be like the #Mastodon Twitter account, I hope never.

Ce compte n'est plus maintenu ... J'ai déménagé mes pénates #mastodon vers une autre instance de la #fediverse: ... Merci de me suivre là-bas :)

So #Mastodon has announced they are in the process of removing #OStatus support their codebase. Hopefully this will light a fire under the collective arse of whoever is managing the #GNUsocial project, and the dozen or so #fediverse instances still running it, and get #ActivityPub support finished and merged.

Je viens de configurer mon compte #Mastodon de secours. Pour être sûr de ne pas me perdre en cas di'incident sur le compte principal sur, merci d'ajouter :


Just configured my #Mastodon backup account. Please add it to be sure not losing anything in case of incident with the main account on
Thanks to add:



La verdad muy chulo. Aunque me desalienta que haga mención a que es código #opaco y no #softwarelibre lo que usan las #GAFAMt (incluyo a #twitter) pero luego no haga ninguna mención por ejemplo a #Peertube o #Mastodon . Parece mas que va en plan: todo o nada

@iulius si, puedes agregar todas las paginas con RSS que quieras, asi ya no dependes de los #bot para estar informado.

Los bots de noticias son un puente entre las cuentas de (ej) #mastodon y las paginas de noticias.

@fanta @arbocenc @elbinario @diogo

Como se nota que hay vacaciones eeee #cabrones , al no haber curro no se vaguea en #Mastodon :mastodon:

@fanta @Vortax @ale es que se supone que #Mastodon es una red social de "microblogging"

The #birdsite has swapped me over to their new interface (which is just their existing mobile site) and it immediately rams you into "top" tweets first.

Plus it says if you switch to chronological, it's going to periodically switch you BACK to a bastardized stream when you aren't looking. How dumb is that!?

It's so bizarre that the decision makers there so fundamentally don't understand their own product. #Mastodon is a breath of fresh air.

I’d like to encourage family and friends to join #Mastodon, but I fear they might be a bit too shocked by the federated feed.