Hola, sigo sin poder seguir a cuentas de #mastodon . Cuando intento suscribirme mediante una dirección tal que "" el mensaje que me devuelve es "FeedSubBadResponseException: 406".
Si intento seguir mediante la dirección "" , el mesaje es: "Sorry, we could not reach that address. Please make sure it is a valid address and try again later."
Otro problema que he notado, es que no me deja borrar los post.


Just a reminder if you run your own custom-coded varient of #mastodon I wrote this nice all-in-one docker container that will compile and serve up your code for testing. A great tool for locally testing the server before sending it off to the server.

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I have an interesting (I hope) idea for a potential new #Mastodon feature. Not sure if it would even gain mainstream support, but when I finish my write-up for it, I'll post it.

I might even put it in the #QOTO Discussion forums, if that would be appropriate.

⚠️ The Fediverse has been scraped, again ⚠️

Almost six million posts from 363 instances have been scraped.

"All the posts with public visibility published by users hosted on Mastodon servers [...] which support the English language" have been scraped along with their metadata, and the "policy, the code of conduct and the prohibited contents of each instance".

The dataset is an attempt at creating an open dataset for "research" into algorithms like the ones Facebook uses to identify problematic content, based around users' use of Content Warnings.

The dataset can be found here:

It was created by the University of Milan, Italy, apparently for the 13th AAAI:

The associated publishing: or or DM me for a copy.

Related dataset:

Original post: @tastytea

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Para todos los nuevos. Entiendo que los administradores les dan la bienvenida en un toot con varios enlaces, entre ellos, un manual de la instancia.

Muchos empiezan a tootear sin haber antes leído todas las instrucciones y eso hace que empiecen a darse de tumbos 😜. Para que les sea leve la transición, pasar suavemente de las redes privativas a las libres, de verdad, lean todo.

Aquí les dejo los mismos enlaces:



Términos del servicio:

Código de conducta:

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Chicas y chicos, #InstanciaPCC, recuerden que las versiones de y la de social.polí son diferentes y por eso la migración puede no ser la esperada. Tengamos paciencia pues entiendo que ya estamos en el proceso para actualizar.


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Mastodon Feature Suggestion

I had an idea for a way to improve and balance between the concerns of both moderation and free-speech. Its a bit radical but I think in theory it could work

Imagine mastodon, or something similar, but where a user can no add hashtags to either their posts or their profile, only the ordinary text of their choosing.

Then hashtags can be added or removed by other users via a consensus mechanism where people can vote for or promote hashtags or suggest their own (not unlike how stackoverflow does it).

Then provide all the tools for users to be able to filter out certain hashtags or promote them in their own feed.

This would allow the community to vote on what is hate speech or what is not, or what is conservative vs liberal, or any other relevant quality to a post or person. Then a user can say things like "Any post that is voted by 70% or more people to be hate speech i want filtered from my feed"..

If done well this could create a system where users are able to completely moderate a system for themselves with minimal effort.

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@dl oh derp i thought you meant #mastodon not #matrix

everyone i know has their own relatively private groupchats, probably bump around the main listed chats/communities there and make friends (or invite your own friends). seems to be some momentum there, just got one or two people signed up recently as well

@azzurite many #Mastodon instances let you see their public feed. The page can typically be found using this URL scheme:



Additionally, every #Pleroma instance lets you see their public timeline from their home page.

That I know of, no #Gab instance has any feature like this.

How do I explore instances? How do I view the local timeline of another instance? #mastodon

@freemo @design_RG

Precisely. What I am protesting is the controls to fight fake news.

Fake news is a problem, I just don't trust #Facebook to tell me what news I should and shouldn't be using.

My preferred solution, unmoderated news, uncertainly leads to * more * fake news, admittedly. But it also leads to more user freedom, and cedes less control to Big Tech.

#Mastodon and the #Fediverse works in this way, which is one reason I like it so much.

@design_RG @angedestenebres

I love Halcyon! It isn't as good as the #Mastodon software but it's more than adequate and better than #Gab's imho because it has live timelines and * proper * notis

Some instances block @gab but doesn't m

Así sería de masiva la estampida de usuarios de #Twitter a #Mastodon, que el Canal 24 Horas de TVE hizo 1 reseña hoy y la tildó de "revuelta" o algo así. 😂 😂 😂
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Como veo que hay muchas cuentas nuevas, vuelvo a tootear esta pequeña guía sobre mástodon, esperando que les sea de utilidad.

@PoliticaConC A lo mejor deberían incluir esta imagen en su sección ¿Cómo usarla?


FediEmbedi is a #wordpress plugin that displays your #mastodon / #pixelfed timeline in a widget

It’s still in early stages, so feel free to open issues or comment on here