Some #ADHD or executive-function-challenged #Linux users would benefit from a multi-step #decluttering schedule before #WorldBackupDay (March 31): does anyone have such a checklist or procedure sheet?

PlanetaLibre los feeds de blogs y webs sobre #GNU #Linux y #softwarelibre que más te gustan, reunidos en un solo sitio, que puedes consultar desde cualquier sitio:

Destination #Linux EP113 - Technical Michael #interview

On DL113 - Open Compute Data Centre, #gnome 3.32 Released, #Sway 1.0 Released, #TLP 1.2 is out, #Firefox "send". Linux Gaming News, our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!.

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No se, pero me gusta como quedo jajaja.
Estoy usando el navegador web #midori e #inkscape para poder acomodar mis dibujos que realize sencillamente del cual originalmente los hice en #krita.

#gnu #linux :0130:

🎶 Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want
So tell me what you want, what you really really want
I wanna (ha) I wanna (ha) I wanna (ha) I wanna (ha)
I wanna, really really really wanna—

command-line tool to get the latest release notes for any given package.

Sometimes, after an update with apt, I'm just curious if a program has gotten any new features or bug fixes or what.

Does something like this exist?

#linux #ubuntu #commandline #help 🐘

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Mari0 combines Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Valve's Portal. A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros. with a focus on perfectly imitating the feel the 1985 classic gave us. Available for #Linux in the Snap Store now!

snap install mari0

Humble have revealed 'Minit' (has #Linux support) as another early unlock for the Humble Monthly (affiliate):

That is, it isn't an issue particular to using #Linux 😥
I looked into the legality of distributing VM images of #Linux installs to let people try out my advanced #TiddlyWiki setup, and ugh there's no way I'd knowingly open that can of worms. The closest thing I'd do is record screen casts of the process of setting up a given #VM and provide install / setup scripts to make it easy for people to get to using the software (which I'd provide anyway, but being limited to this sucks). #legal #law

Want to finally take a dive into #Linux ?
#HumbleBundle has a set of #DRMFree #ebooks by #Wiley for sale! Less than 3 days left, get’em while you can :D

(partnered link above)

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Linagora recrute un/une administrateur système #linux h/f - paris la défense #rt

Using Gnome and want to speed up your workflow?

Switching the application is easy, `Super-key + tab` and you can switch through applications. But what if you have multiple windows per application?

`Super-key + ^` will do the job. It let's you either switch through windows of your current application or through windows selected using `Super-key + tab`.

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Is there a desktop client for Mastodon that works on Linux? There are lots of nice Android apps, some interesting web-based clients, but outside of an app made for elementary OS (which I don't use) I can't find anything. #linux #opensource

@pulgovsky sigue siendo software privativo sujeto a sus licencias, seguirás siendo un pirata. Se inteligente, usa #gnu #linux si no hay algo que realmente te lo impida.