Jo Swinson uses the wrong fingers when responding to Jeremy Corbyn.

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Uhuh, what's this?

Labour Party Scotland Ltd
Company Secretary
Colleen Leonard

Incorporated August 8th, 2019.

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PressProgress: A&W Tells Anti-Union Conference It Keeps a Secret ‘Watch List’ To Make Sure Workers Don’t Unionize #CanLab #labour #work 🐘

I welcome these statements from John McDonnell, Labour's Shadow Chancellor:

"If the Scottish people decide they want a referendum that's for them."


"We would not block something like that. We would let the Scottish people decide. That's democracy."

You can't argue with either of those statements.

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Some recent #labour-related #news:

- Glasgow lap dancers are unionizing to protect their jobs in response to legislation that could allow cities to limit the number of strip clubs

- A Madrid court rules that Deliveroo food couriers are employees, not independent contractors


Some extraordinary things happening in the Sheffield Hallam constituency tonight, including a mutiny by Jared O'Mara MP's office staff.

I can sense a recall coming.

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Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota will be striking during Prime Day, July 15!

In solidarity, don't order from Amazon, visit the site, or use the app.

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Noam #Chomsky throws his weight behind UK #Labour in anti-Semitism debate

- #Cosmolocal production
- #Labour mutuals
- #Thermodynamics of #peerproduction.

"This report brings those ideas together with many more to envision the #commons at the heart of a 21st-century #economy. In its ambitious vision, it combines a long-standing commitment to #commonsbased peer production with a new, globally localized approach to the #circulareconomy and, in the process, redesigns distributed #ledger technology (#blockchain) in order to make it feasible."

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I also note that, with the exception of 3 MPs, the Labour block all abstained on the vote for taking 5 weeks of summer holidays.

They couldn't even take a position on whether to take holidays, or not, at this crucial time.

Abstaining is a disease.

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It is interesting to compare this situation, Labour MPs abstaining & voting against their own motion, and the recent expulsions of Labour members.

Most famously Alistair Campbell was expelled from the Labour party for suggesting, on social media, that people could/should vote for the LibDems.

It would be hypocritical to have expelled some Labour members and, at the same time, not take action against MPs who prevented the party's motion in parliament. We will see.

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I am very happy to announce that the new issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, 'Fed Up!', is finally(!) out and can be consulted here:
Many thanks to contributors @eliotberriot, @Gargron , @decentral1se, @entreprecariat (and indirectly @rra and @fcr), @pip Julia Janssen, Inge Hoonte and Louisa Bufardeci, Gui Machiavelli, and Martin Schotten.

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Today (day before the EU Parliament elections in the UK) the Scottish version of the Labour Party leaflet arrived. Previously, voters in the Highlands had been sent a leaflet designed for Wales.

All the leaflets are delivered as "election communications", which mean they are delivered free by Royal Mail. Does this mean that the Welsh leaflet for the Highlands mix-up was a Royal Mail error?

If I were an agent for a competing party I'd be checking this situation.

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