Yo, I’m fillertrack, 27
they/them, queer, enby, socialist
Live in Texas, the San Antonio area
I’m a grackle
Currently looking for a job
Major was in Network Admin.
One of the older generations of Masto
Every once in awhile I do VHS streams
Sad posts - @blanktape
Horny posts - @blanktape

-Old electronics
-My girlfriends

It's #introductions time β˜†

Hello, I'm loptr-punk ~CAT EDITION~.
I migrated over from because I wanted to be on an instance with an admin that cares.

I'm a disabled, autistic, queer, polyam, ace, trans latinx enby. I write, draw, paint, and aspire to code mobile apps (Java) and dating sims.

I tend to be very political and also autistic and ill, so that comes up very often from me.

My goals in life are to build healthy communtities and relationships so let's get to it β˜†

Hello bsd fediverse! #introductions

I'm yet another dude who managed to install #OpenBSD.

I'm from Germany and you can find me on IRC in various channels with the nick "sdk" (except FreeNode and OFTC where it is "sdk_"). Some people might know me from there.

I'm a software minimalist and prefer small command line tools for pretty much everything.

I'm programming for fun and for work.

To balance my technical life I started to photograph weddings.

#Introductions Hello, I am a survivor. I enjoy #Scifi #Fantasy, and #horror. I'm also a huge Panic! at the Disco fan. (they/them)


Hi, I'm Bab! I'm your local friendly furry, artist, writer, worldbuilder, and aspiring programmer.

I'm usually tired to some degree and have an irregular schedule, but I can usually respond to things within 16-24 hours.

Pronouns are he/him and they/them.

I have a site!:

I also have a NSFW handle: @babbage

are #introductions a thing here? i'm remus. i love plants but i always seem to kill them, so on the lookout for difficult to kill plants. i'm trying to find activism that isn't too spoon-heavy because i'm chronically running out of spoons. i will probably rarely talk about either of those things, but i can hope!

@RomanticAcademic hi! i'm ebeth and i love making friends on mastodon. what are your hobbies/interests? a good way to start is to look through some hashtags and just start replying to people there. personally i like #gameing (/#gaming), #knitting, #sports, #reading, and #cats

also don't be afraid to follow people! sometimes when things start to get too quiet i go to #introductions and just start adding anyone who looks cool

#introductions: this is the official Fediverse account for VancouFur, Metro Vancouver's annual furry convention!

πŸ“†: 2020/03/05β†’08.
πŸ—ΊοΈ: Surrey, BC, Canada.
🏨: Sheraton Vancouver Guildford.

HEY :heart_sp_les3: #introductions I'm Sofia and this is my first time on Mastodon! i like drawing colorful fanart + oc stuff!
ALSO i'm taking commissions right now:

Greetings (again) (for the third time) fediverse! I am David: A Webcomic and this is my tertiary(?) profile on Mastodon. I'm a comic writer/artist of varying quality with a series that I've been working on for the past... 10 months now? I think? I've decided to get a .art account to bring my weird drawings and other assorted posts to a larger instance, so I really hope everything works out!

Hi all. My name's Chris Were and I work as a reporter at the Monmouthshire Beacon.

I'm not new to the #Fediverse but I thought I'd join Toot.Wales since it's a bit more relevant to what I do and looks like a really fun place to be.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

#Introduction #Introductions

#introductions Hello #fediverse ! My name is Zach and I really love #maths #math. I am also passionate about #freesoftware and #decentralisation. I'm #vegetarian, from the #unitedkingdom #uk, and hoping to study #mathematics at #Cambridge #university. I am also #spamming #tags.

@maloki I thought it was pretty great a while back when some of us wrote #introductions toots for other people instead of for ourselves. It can be super hard to decide how to present yourself, at least for me! What's interesting about me, what might someone want to know? shrug! So friends often say nicer things about us than we're willing to say about ourselves. I'd love to see more people do that.

Hey! I'm Shonalika, disabled vegan queer creature.

I write and sing in @powderpaint and have a YouTube channel where I upload solo songs and vlogs and piss off chudlets.

sjw-ing is my thing but I mostly do that on birdsite/yt and use mastodon for things nonsensical and inane and and personal and sincere. feel free to interact! ^^


I am still catching up with the post conference emails etc, but to @lgm and everyone who joined here during the conference to post.lurk or elsewhere...

We have a tradition here at mastodon to use #introductions / #introduction tag to well introduce ourselves. (also using other tags that indicate interest) it makes it easy to find other newcomers (they are a good place to find people to follow), and it also makes a nice way to boost information about you. :)

hi i'm eris and i'm a queer/disabled artist in melbourne!! i think girls are really pretty and i draw them a lot #introduction #introductions

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front is an alliance of groups and individuals united by a belief that capitalism is one of the core causes of the environmental crisis threatening us all, and that if we do not act soon the costs of that crisis will fall on the poor and powerless.

We have joined Sunbeam City as it (obviously) shares our values of Green Anti-Capitalism and can't wait to agitate, educate and organize with the rest of the fediverse.

If you fancy meeting some of us in person, we're at the Anarchist Festival in London this weekend. Tomorrow we'll be discussing anti-capitalist alternatives to reformist solutions like the Green New Deal, from 4-6PM at LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES

Our Manifesto:


#introductions Migrating here for hacker related art, ethics, and general good company. Keeping @wetdryvac for general art'n'blither, but here's more home on a number of levels, y'know?

These days I'm more an artist and layout geek than a competent computer-specific sorta hacker, but I still run a bunch of OSs on VMs to get things done, and run the bloody patches.

Don't worry. The dreams are still lovely, and the bar-code in the corner's been occluded.

Live in #Seattle. I'm a bit of a homebody.

I'm a newly out transwoman, been a gay male for a number of years before that.

I'm a plant person. I enjoy making food and drink. I'm working on becoming more of an artist recently. I'm a nondual anarchist witchy catholic episcopalian

I enjoy all sorts of games, though I don't play many video games these days for time reasons. Listen to a lot of classical, post rock, and folk music. Read fantasy and non fiction mostly.

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