#introductions Better late than never, I'm Hypolite Petovan, this isn't my official name but it is my real name for all intents and purposes. I joined the #Fediverse on #Diaspora then #Friendica late 2016 after #Facebook froze my account for using this pseudonym for 10 years straight.

My social media policy is to read absolutely everything my follows post. As a result, I heavily curate my follow list that will never grow bigger than what it is now mainly for time constraints. Additionally, I don't automatically follow back and unfollowing isn't personal, your content just doesn't fit with my social media usage, no hard feelings.

I like liberally to signify I read, enjoyed or sympathize with a post without having anything meaningful to contribute further.

I also block liberally, users and whole instances alike, the world is too big and my time is too limited to give a second chance to bigots, racists, misogynists and transphobes (including TERFs). I host my own single-user node which makes any moderation decision easy.

My own editorial line is mainly about good-natured humor and social justice. Tone-wise, I do not mind aggressiveness but I do mind who it is targeted at. I do not tolerate edgy shitpost, and neither bad faith nor logical fallacies no matter how soft-spoken they are.

My personal interests revolve around #programming (mainly #PHP for #Friendica ), #videogames and recently #LEGO, but I'm curious about everything and have trouble specializing in anything and don't follow the latest news for any specific topic.

Hi! 👋

♲ #introductions #hola a todos soy nuevo en este mundo de #Mastodon, que grupos o contenido puedo ver?

:debian: :archlinux: :bash: :kde: :arduino: :centos: :opensuse: :raspberrypi: :telegram: : :vim:

De este tipo de contenidos estaría bien, acepto sugerencias, muchas gracias.

#introduction #introductions

hi fediverse :blobreachbounce: . art and archery are the closest things i got to religion lol :blobteefs:

hope to hang out with fellow nerds and artists here :blobnerd:

i'll be posting art soon :blobsunglasses:

New townies, new #Introduction #Introductions!

Just a fellow technomancer screaming into the void.

Posting about privacy, the dystopia of big tech and utopian small tech, cyberpunk, embedded/low-level stuff, retro computing, other arcane bits.

Restricting follow, will approve if you got an avi and some toots and don't seem like a total ghoul.

Tend to follow those that interact often enough, or are interesting, and aren't a firehose of toots.

Auto follow approval and follow back for townies.

Hey all, thought I'd finally get round to introducing myself.

I'm Kate, a pan/demi cis ladyperson, painfully shy at times but friendly.

Avid reader of books and graphic novels. (Please recommend things!)

Hydroponics beginner. Dabbler in bookbinding, papercutting, 3D modelling, digital illustration, woodwork, crafting and making in general.

Big fan of vidyagames. Not big fan of vidyagame industry. Mostly play open world RPGs, roguelikes and survival sims.

Always learning. Currently trying to make a low budget hydroponics setup, brush up my Chinese, improve my artwork and quiet my existential dread. Always open to advice and positive criticism.

#Introductions #Introducción

I'm here to follow, learn, share and debate. I'll probably toot more in spanish, but I could do it also in english and I also can speak french. These are some of my interests:

Estoy aquí para seguir, aprender, compartir y debatir. Probablemente tootee más en español pero puede que lo haga también en inglés, y puedo igualmente hablar francés. Éstos son algunos de mis intereses:



Hi everyone, I'm Hen. ( :autism: :heart_lesbian: :she: :her:) I am working towards using 100% FLOSS/privacy respecting software and systems. Joining mastodon is the latest step in that journey

I'm intrested in solar punk, FLOSS, zero waste, leftism, mesh nets, bird watching, community building, and the destruction of the nuclear family

I'm very excited to be part of SBC and getting to talk with all of you 😊

To all our new users, if you write q well thought out #introductions post (make sure you use the hash tag for exposure) and include a list of your interests (especially STEM interests since #QOTO is mostly STEM professionals) I will be happy to boost it.

Similarly if you made such a post and I didnt boost it just give ma a poke and I'll be happy to consider boosting it.

I want all the new users to feel they have a hand making some new friends and getting started in the community.


This is more of a re-introduction,as I was on Sunbeam city before, under another name, maybe 6 or 7 months ago. I have a bit of an on-and-off relationship with social media.

I'm 29, and live in North-East England.

I might be trans, but I'm honestly not sure and still working on figuring it all out. Currently, I'm trying out she/her pronouns, and the name "Lilly".

I like to read, play the bass, and do some 3d printing. One of my goals for 2020 is to do more gardening, and hopefully grow some food too.

Politically, I'm an anarchist, mostly into anarcho-communism but with an interest in green anarchism too.

Nice to meet you all (again).

#introduction #introductions

#introductions post!

Hello, I'm Jason, I'm a cis man that lives with my wife and two cats in #Memphis #Tennessee. I'm a professional C# web developer with a side focus in #infosec.

Cat pics provided as entrance fee.

Hallo #Fediverse!

Wir sind eine #Saatgut #Bibliothek und Saatgut Tauschbörse in #Berlin #Neukölln. Wir bauen Gemeinschaften auf, indem wir kostenlos Saatgut, #Gartenbau-Know-how und einen praktischen Ansatz zur Ernährungssicherung anbieten.

Besucht uns auf #patreon:

like uns auf #facebook (...ja, wissen wir):

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Hello #Fediverse!

We're a #SeedLibrary and #SeedSwap in #Berlin #Neukölln. We grow communities, offering free #seeds, #gardening know-how, and a hands-on approach to achieving food security.

check us out on #patreon:

like us on #facebook (...yeah, we know):

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#introductions for #TwitterExodusScotland

Hi, I'm lain and I was the only one who could understand the Scottish guy I met in Pyongyang

#introductions for #TwitterExodusScotland

Hi, I'm The_Gibson. Digital Warlord of, an instance in the Fediverse that focuses on infosec and hacking... and community building. We are a bunch of technomancers adrift in the fediverse working to restore the timeline to the future we were promised at the dawn of the public internet.

Hack The Planet!

tl;dr - i'm a #queer, #pagan, #autistic programmer from my beloved NJ. i write #fiction & #essays, play #videogames & #read. i like #tea, #comicbooks, #oldtech & #music. i'm older than most of you.


i run, a speculative lit mag for women-identified authors.

i run & its bots for those that need self care resources.

i do a LOT of other things (check the pins and links on my profile).

my alt is which i use for various writing talk and announcements.


i show my learning process, hopefully demystifying how the tech industry works. i chat about the ideas i have that i don't have time to manifest.

i'm a neutral good paladin and i am friends with chaos. systems have their uses, but my moral code will always take precedence.

i believe in kindness and do my best to help when i can.

#introductions #reintroductions


#introverted and bad at talking about myself.
Hiii just your #queer #genderfuck #ace weirdo here. Into making stuff, working on my #van home, reading, simple but tasty drinks with #whiskey.
New friends welcome, let's build right the fuck over the top of patriarchy, racism, and capitalism and throw #moloch into the void.
I love *all* the #animals, follow a #vegan diet, and can't wait to buy land in the #woods and go totally #offgrid. Trying to recruit solarpunks to bring some some good future to #post-apocalyptic events.

Hello I'm new here. I'm a 30-something geeky woman from North dakota. I'm into video games and cats. I have degrees in IT and computer programming. I'm looking for other geeky friends! #introductions

Hi, my name is Max Reinhold Jahnke. I'm 34, and I'm a mathematician from São Carlos, Brazil. The main reason I'm here is to write about my hobbies and connect with new people. I love #mathematics, #reading, #writing, #learning foreign #languages, watching TV shows, and playing video games.

I'm a post-doctoral researcher at the Federal University of São Carlos, and my research field is Partial Differential Equations. I will stop here because I don't want to scare anyone.

I usually read science, fiction, and fantasy. My favorite authors are H.P. Lovecraft, G.R.R. Martin, and V.S. Vinge. Now I'm reading the series The Expansion, and I'm loving it.

As I said, I like to learn foreign languages. Some years ago, I studied a little #Esperanto, but I didn't reach a high level. I can read the Esperanto Wikipedia and some news in Esperanto, but can't speak the language.

I'm always learning. Usually, it is mathematics and languages, but I also like to learn about other cultures, science, and technology. Most recently, I began learning how to bake bread, my main interest is in #baking #sourdough.



ello! i'm melissa, i'm 21, she/her. i'm into emulator development, and i'm very bad at socializing, so if i ever make you uncomfy please let me know!!