Windows guy, recent Linux convert, thank you Kali. Blue teamer, forensics, Security junkie.

Good news, everyone! #introductions

Taking my first steps in the Fediverse, and you are all invited to the party!

I've been using Linux (Debian and Arch) for 15+ years now, and am admin for a small corporate setup, based on #Kerberos, #OpenLdap, #NFS, #Asterisk, #BorgBackup. I also wrote my own matter management application for lawyers in #PHP, #Postgresql and #jQuery.

I'm Interested in server admin, networking, security and programming. By day I am a lawyer in a Belgian FMCG company.

My name’s Minie, and I’m a digital artist.
Currently, I’m trying to escape the PNW. I spend my time playing video games, ghosting people (dw, only irl), and trying to remember things I’ve forgotten. Lately I’ve focused on exploring and understanding color in my own art. ❤️🧡💛
I’m trying out Mastodon cuz a friend recommended it to me (!

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#introduction #introductions

Hallew! I'm Jack, and I'm studying history and linguistics at St. Olaf College.

Hello everyone!

My name is Johannes. I live in Germany and am currently studying computer science.I’ve been a FLOSS dev for a few years now and am currently working on getting end-to-end encryption into GNOME’s Matrix client Fractal.

I’m interested in systems programming, desktop app development, cryptography and hacking.

Pushing for more accessibility and diversity in the Free Software community is one of my major goals.

Expect me to post about my projects, stuff happening in the FLOSS world, adjacent political stuff and more.

#introduction #introductions

Hi there!
I am a postdoc in computer science, working on A.I.-knowledge graph integration, user modeling, semantic web technologies, linked open data, digital libraries and information access... focussing on applications which support humans in learning about new topic areas and skills.

And I have an interest in responsible data usage, privacy, computer ethics.

And now with the correct tag... #introductions

And I am apparently not capable to type "#introduCtions". 😂


I am a radio amateur from Potsdam. I am using telegraphy and digital mods, mostly HF.

Howdy! I am Ramey Moore, and I am an anthropologist working on medical and environmental topics.

I like weird movies, art, music, but esp. spooky things and heavy metal.

I like knowing which ideas you use to think with.

Structures which emphasize the human, invite us to be good to one another and other living things, and systems that liberate us from violence are all things I like.


#introductions Whoa! I'm super glad I found this place. Currently I'm an online ESL teacher, working on teaching IRL "Memory Palaces."

Also, a girl that loves to travel, still loves her plushies, and just watched the Super Blood Moon eclipse.

I love all subjects, science, math, art, literature, film, whatever-have-you. Send messages.

#introductions Hi folks, I've just recently joined this afternoon, I believe the fediverse is the future of social networking, so I'm glad to be on here.

While I'm here, would anyone know of any good 3d printing instances? Cheers!

hello! i'm currently working at rutgers as a classroom assistant with teenagers that have autism. i'm working on my masters in special education and would like to eventually be a psychologist. i'm interested in researching effective therapies for individuals with autism that have experienced trauma.

Hello! I'll be starting my first semester as a Library & Information Science graduate student on Tuesday!

I'm interested in archives and preservation, though I'm open to discovering where else I can take my studies within LIS.

#introductions recently came back to academia to work on a climate research citizen science platform. plan for later: destroy the pdf and back in the day publishers

No ability to search keywords
No list of hashtags
There are 24 hour in a day, and no more
Web sites, like everything else in the world should make life easier.
This lack of search only makes this site a burden.

Hello! I'm a first-year PhD Student in information studies at McGill University in Canada, working on the transition of library systems to linked data.

I'm also an associate librarian at Laurentian University (currently on leave). In that role I'm responsible for (amongst other things) systems, scholarly communications, and digital preservation.

My other interests include #foss (#python is my go-to language), web dev, privacy, OERs, and procrastination via social media.


hi all. i research the similarities between human learners and machine learning algorithms (primarily neural nets & differentiable computers)

always interested in discussing anything science & culture

#introductions Hello everyone!

I joined fosstodon because I have enjoyed Linux since #slackware in 1995 and am a firm believer in the benefits of the #opensource model from an #infosec point of view.

I’ve run Linux variants personally and professionally for over 20 years as well as many others. Most of my experience has been from an admin side but over the past 8 years more from the cyber defender aspects.

Other interests are drone videography and all things infosec.

I am currently studying Japanese language and Linguistics.
Things I like include comics, videogames, anime & manga, listening to people rant about their fields, occationally dabbling in cooking, drawing, and programming.
Please feel free to reach out to me to chat or to tell me just about anything. I want to listen

i'm an assistant prof in an english department outside of atlanta, georgia -- interested in how the web impacts writing, civic engagement, activism, design, and literacies. also in indie film, music, and contemporary fiction. looking forward to exploring this network :) #introductions