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I really think we should rediscover the method of #dialogue.

The bigger the squares the most important is the #method.

And the #web is the biggest possible square on the #planet!

But I know by experience how hard is to keep everybody open to listen.

Listening is a #risk: you might always discover that your assumptions were wrong, or partially wrong, and this might destroy the roots of your #identity.

People are naturally scared at this. A valid concern if posting too many unrelated topics "as the same source". Read on to see why I SPLIT my activity into several ACCOUNTS, + why this (increasing) #informationOverload #dilemma should be addressed at the core of the #Mastodon #platforn. #strategy Show more

Where it is not necessary to assert an identity, it is necessary to not assert an identity.


But agree that each individual worker should practice some sense of #individuality and practice some sense of self creation or in my wording the ability to create their own #identity. Or always, if the option is too little or not at all within a collective. So even though I do believe that #individualism and #collectivism both exist within #libertariansocialism , I lean more towards individualism given me suffocating white only Society I live in, given that it's the only thing I can use to survive in this environment. And because of it buy this quiz, I am not a social Anarchist in any way. Sucks

Why do we bother with identity in the first place?

Is it necessary?

Where, or where not? Why, or why not?


As #mastodon gets more users who have public identities, there are going to be more requests to reserve handles. This isn't something that mastodon supports or plans on supporting. How can mastodon handle #identity across the #fediverse for these users?

Hey everybody, Mastodon Share need a volonteer to create a beautiful logo. If you are an artist, please contact me :)

Thank you for your futur proposals.

Salut les mastonautes. Mastodon Share recherche un artiste bénévole pour lui dessiner un nouveau logo :)

Merci d'avance pour vos propositions graphiques :)

#mastoshare #logo #icon #identity

I've just searched a bit around the #altright media. Their visability and influence on #youtube is insane.
Describing themselfs as #truthers, #activists and #journalists they are pushing the idea of " #conservatism is the new #counterculture "

#nazis fighting #refugees getting thanked on youtube.
"If the politicians won't stop the boats then we will stop the boats."
- Lauren Southern, altright and youtube fame, in action with the generation #identity.

now there is also a call for the goverment to stop #antifa as being a "domestic #terror organisation". a #petition is made.

also remember what happen on #4chan recently:
Operation #Anarchist: Face Database of Antifa

"modern conservatism is the answer to the establish of liberalism"


I'm working on a blogpost to explain the federated timeline, user accounts and idea of multiple identities and I could use some quotes and examples from longtime Mastodon/GNUSocial users. When you have an account on multiple instances, why do you do that?
How do you manage these accounts and logins? Is Mastodon thé solution for your identities?

You don't have to name the accounts and you can always DM me if you want to stay anonymous.

Boost = Love!

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what's the use of BITcoins? and how it's anonymous, if they need to confirm your identity when registering #bitcoin #identity #anonymous

"We realized that the problem was that we’d failed to outline exactly how the reputation system would prevent attacks because of a disconnect between how people imagined a reputation system (as a big version of Yelp ratings) versus how we’d actually designed it."

#identity #decentralization #reputation