Undocumented Citizen

"...Somewhere around Little Rock, Arkansas, I realized my ID had gone missing at the motel where we were staying. (To this day, nobody has turned it in, or even bothered trying to use it if they had found it.)..."

The usual discussion of credentials and documentation concerns immigrants, documented or otherwise.

The situation can also occur with native born citizens, and it is an absolutely Kafkaesque nightmare.


Hi, @triskeon and welcome! I'm interested in #ActivityPub as well, especially if we can figure out a good way to handle #identity.

@zacharius Not suiable in all situations, key loss, initial validation.

I'd like to see a physical token, NFC, physical approval system. Signet rings. Seperate identifiers per service / organisation. Expiring identifiers.


Following up on the #github fiasco, maybe on top of only using #FOSS software, and federating as much as possible along #selfhosting, what we really need is agent-centric naming and #identity system (also to allow for nomadic identity for #Mastodon and the fediverse).

I wonder if we could use something similar to IPNS (in the #IPFS project)?

Or maybe simply


Why is it that #millennials can't seemingly handle the slightest bit of #banter; Thinking every sly remark tossed their way is a direct personal attack towards their #identity ? 🤔

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#MustRead: Becoming Someone

"How can we jam the current architecture of #socialmedia? How do we design technologies that are identity-proof, that prevent the #identity from broadcasting itself unlimitedly?

Social media may be using us as “human shields” to protect itself.

We believe that harnessing tendencies for collective problem solving will pave the next revolution.

The network society must stop feeding identity and give rise to the problem-solving society."

For once the technology works! Steve Cornwell introduces Bonny Norton for a virtual Plenary at #IAFOR for #acll2018.

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@Hascobe @jeff @natecull

I really think we should rediscover the method of #dialogue.

The bigger the squares the most important is the #method.

And the #web is the biggest possible square on the #planet!

But I know by experience how hard is to keep everybody open to listen.

Listening is a #risk: you might always discover that your assumptions were wrong, or partially wrong, and this might destroy the roots of your #identity.

People are naturally scared at this. A valid concern if posting too many unrelated topics "as the same source". Read on to see why I SPLIT my activity into several ACCOUNTS, + why this (increasing) #informationOverload #dilemma should be addressed at the core of the #Mastodon #platforn. #strategy Show more