Hi, @triskeon and welcome! I'm interested in #ActivityPub as well, especially if we can figure out a good way to handle #identity.

@zacharius Not suiable in all situations, key loss, initial validation.

I'd like to see a physical token, NFC, physical approval system. Signet rings. Seperate identifiers per service / organisation. Expiring identifiers.


Following up on the #github fiasco, maybe on top of only using #FOSS software, and federating as much as possible along #selfhosting, what we really need is agent-centric naming and #identity system (also to allow for nomadic identity for #Mastodon and the fediverse).

I wonder if we could use something similar to IPNS (in the #IPFS project)?

Or maybe simply


Why is it that #millennials can't seemingly handle the slightest bit of #banter; Thinking every sly remark tossed their way is a direct personal attack towards their #identity ? ๐Ÿค”

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#MustRead: Becoming Someone

"How can we jam the current architecture of #socialmedia? How do we design technologies that are identity-proof, that prevent the #identity from broadcasting itself unlimitedly?

Social media may be using us as โ€œhuman shieldsโ€ to protect itself.

We believe that harnessing tendencies for collective problem solving will pave the next revolution.

The network society must stop feeding identity and give rise to the problem-solving society."

For once the technology works! Steve Cornwell introduces Bonny Norton for a virtual Plenary at #IAFOR for #acll2018.

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I have to admit I never identified with "Nerd".
I still don't.

It was a label applied by others which personally just never felt right.
I'm just "me". I like computers.
If you require a special label for that then fine.

Thanks to the dot com bubble and various entrepreneurs (Gates, Jobs, ...) the label has lost a lot of bad stigma. Now many people around me associate it with high earning potential.

Also, in german we don't have a term similar to "geek".

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@Hascobe @jeff @natecull

I really think we should rediscover the method of #dialogue.

The bigger the squares the most important is the #method.

And the #web is the biggest possible square on the #planet!

But I know by experience how hard is to keep everybody open to listen.

Listening is a #risk: you might always discover that your assumptions were wrong, or partially wrong, and this might destroy the roots of your #identity.

People are naturally scared at this. A valid concern if posting too many unrelated topics "as the same source". Read on to see why I SPLIT my activity into several ACCOUNTS, + why this (increasing) #informationOverload #dilemma should be addressed at the core of the #Mastodon #platforn. #strategy Show more

Where it is not necessary to assert an identity, it is necessary to not assert an identity.