"The #hacker culture’s norm about inclusion is clear: anybody who can pull the freight is welcome, and twitching about things like skin color or shape of genitalia or what thing you like to stick into what thing is beyond wrong into silly."
'Why Hackers Must Eject the SJWs"

Eric could have assumed good faith more and chosen a more diplomatic title for his piece, but as the quote above makes clear, his position is not the bigoted ultra-conservatism he's been accused of.

Si, vi voglio #male.

Cosa fanno due programmatori al'Ultimo dell'Anno?

I bots.

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KUNG FURY Official Movie

Franchement, très franchement (et entre nous), si vous n'avez pas encore vu ce court métrage je vous envie.
Parce que vous allez prendre une grosse claque.

Moi je me le remets...

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Et je voudrais pouvoir
• Participer à tout un tas de projets libre
• devenir un #hacker (dans le sens #Bidouilleur
• être suffisamment libre dans mes choix

Je suis aussi beaucoup intéressé par l'#électronique et j'aimerais beaucoup faire de l'informatique #embarqué ou du #réseau.
Pour le reste, j'aimerai bien faire cette formation sur #Toulouse et également voir un peu comment ça se passe en vrai avant de me lancer.
Donc si quelqu'un pourrai m'aider ce serait génial de votre part !!!

Gibt es einen Schutzheiligen für Hacker|Gehackte? #hacker

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i suppose there's a reason i'm not directly aligned with #solarpunk i like the idea, but there's too much cultural baggage that i don't care about. default is smothering my curiosity and inhibiting my ability to explore science and technology. i wish to end this arbitrary suppression of FUN by moving away and building an independent system that can sustain me, my friends, and family while we work and play together.

i think we will probably end capitalism with this project, but that's just a secondary effect. the real goal is autonomy and technological acceleration.

#walkaway is more #hacker than #punk

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Cosa vuoi, sono un #hacker: non mi conformo facilmente, non vado dove va la corrente... 😉

Però dal mio punto di vista, tecnicamente parlando, state dicendo cazzate.

Non si può ignorare 60 anni di storia e dare la colpa dei nostri problemi all'Unione Europea.

Davvero, come è possibile che non vi ricordiate già più Berlusconi? Le leggi ad personam, l'uso politico dei media, la depenalizzazione dei reati contro la pubblica amministrazione.. giuro, non lo capisco.

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Isn't it great that the #Catholic #church gives us the time to count how many things are more important than working to enrich stakeholders? 😉

While #Capitalism (and #Power in general) always try to co-opt religion, they can't beat a #hacker like #Jesus.

Whatever they say, #Communion will always be more revolutionary than anything else, including #Communism.

"So now I am giving you a new commandment: #Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other."


I think you are both looking at a #hacker from a mainstream perspective.

#Torvalds' productivity and his wealth are both byproducts of its #curiosity (and fate).

Just like other hackers before him, mainstream people went from mocking, to hating, to worshipping. Which, in #Capitalism, means that a lot of people found ways to economically exploit his #hack.

Thus he was surrounded by corporate people and, as humans often do, adapted to the environment.


There are several computer #programmers in #SiliconValley that think like that.

But outside the influence of #USA #hegemony, #hackers are a bit wiser.

When every #human will be a #hacker, THEN hackers WILL rule the world.


Hi, if you are interested in hanging / out organising to start a #queer #anarchist #hacker #cafe, we're meeting in a pub tonight. Ask me for details. (in #edinburgh).

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Let me actualize this:

> For the #industry, #code was
> the product; for the regular
> #hacker, code was
> communication, it was
> #art, it was a #language.

@sebastian @Shamar @aspittel @deejoe

However you can easily find #marketing at #CCC too for example, even if way more interesting one.

What's worse however is gentrification through #CoC that I see everywhere, as if we suddenly became concerned to please mainstream people and not hurt corporate managers.

To me, an event that would refuse through its Code of Conduct a #hacker like #TerryADavis is not for hacker like me either, despite my weirdness occurs on less visible dimensions.

Hi @aspittel!

I agree with most of what you say here and I really liked the section about Inclusiveness.

But the #World outside the #US is huge, varied and wonderful!

That's why, as a #European #hacker, I felt obliged to share a different perspective.



Dunque con il tempo ho imparato a ricercare questa esperienza e riflessione pregressa nell'etimologia delle parole.

Spesso l'etimologia è illuminante in sé, ma può anche essere usata per veicolare un intuizione profonda o un messaggio politico.

Per esempio, nel #Vademecum ho voluto riportare l'etimologia delle parole per mostrare la varietà di culture che sono confluite nella cultura #hacker.

Si tratta di un messaggio politico, opposto al Jargon File imperialista di #ESR.


> Email me any time if something
> isn't clear. I love explaining this
> stuff for as long as it takes.


This is one of the best things an #hacker can say!

Anyway... OK!

I'll email you. 😉

Meanwhile... do you know #Oberon programming language?