I guess it is.

Maybe you would like to try #TempleOS, a very innovative operating system that was explicitly designed as a playful learning platform from a recently passed #hacker named #TerryADavis.

It's deeply inspired by #Commodore64 (in particular the UI), and it's completely written from scratch in #HolyC, a #C like language that is... somewhat unique.

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The guy that complains is guest.

He is welcome to learn, to become one of us (or even weirder under his own favourite dimension!), to challenge our opinions, to argue about basically anything technical we say.

But if he feel bad with who we ARE, banning him is the only thing we can do to protect him from our weirdness AND ourselves from his #conformism.

Goes without saying, I would NOT protect a violent #hacker from Law, and I would actually denounce him without thinking twice.


Now the guy that complains about the weird (but pacific and not violent) behaviour of an attender at an hacker conference shows beyond any doubt that he is not a #hacker.

He might be curious about the conference, he is welcome, but he is a guess in a hacker space.

If he doesn't feel good with such weird people it's better for him to leave. The same for all other people who think they went to a corporate workshop.

If you think about it for a moment, there is no real alternative.


Some people argue that this is a sort #technophilia, that I think everybody should #program because I think that what I do is more important than what people want to do.

But it's not so.

I want to share my knowledge because I think that it's actually useful to people and democracy in itself.

#Democracy cannot work if people can be easily manipulated.

And you cannot manipulate a #hacker.

#Informatics is to #Computers what #Astronomy is to telescopes.

There's much, much more. 😉

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#FreeSoftware instead is always expression of a #hacker's #ethics that is centered around a single core value: #curiosity.
Hackers code to express thei own curiosity.

Free Software and OSS overlap when in comes to licenses and that's why they are often confused, but they are pretty different beasts than Linux.

For example OSS might put little entry barriers such as compilation complexity or weird licenses to prevent other from forking.



Can you marginalize the majority?

Hackers like me, but more evidently weird, are constantly marginalized or attacked at conferences because of their weirdness.

A fellow #hacker like Terry A. Davis couldn't have attended to #FOSDEM or to a event of #LinuxFoundation.

#Stallman, a way less problematic hacker, is attacked whenever he says something that do not match the "shared wisdom" of the mainstream mass:



Because many #hackers are weird.

I do not look THAT weird IRL, but you see how mainstream people find me weird anyway.

Other hackers like #Stallman or #TerryADavis are more visibly weird and actively marginalized.

If I have to choose between humiliating an #hacker or ban a mainstreamer that is annoyed by his lack of respect for a technical conference, I have no doubt.

I would't write "be drunk" in a CoC.
Nor I'd force anyone to be weird.

But weird people are welcome to me.

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There is NOTHING in the CoC I've seen that I wouldn't obide to if not given a code of conduct. Tbh, I'd have to make violence to myself to violate them.

That's why I can't go to a event so managed.

Because, you see, I'm a #hacker.

I'm weird on weird dimensions.

But I refuse to join an event or a project that would exclude, on principle, a less fortunate hacker, as #TerryADavis.

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I love how #TerryADavis, the #hacker behind #TempleOS and #HolyC would agree with you.

Unfortunately, due to his disease he couldn't have attended at any OSS event with a CoC.

As for me... I named my OS after an heretic so your anathema can't touch me! :-P

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I don't have any problem with this approach and these opinions and share some of them.

But to me, a strong #copyleft is the only way to preserve an #hacker's gift to #humanity as part of #Commons.

And I don’t think #GNU licenses are strong and viral enough to protect such common #knowledge (because code is knowledge).


I'm not a genius.
But I'm pretty good at making people understand what I mean!


And I'm not a jerk.

I'm just a person from another culture, with another history, and a different perspective.

To me, our differences are precious, because we can learn from each other, challenging each other's assumptions.

But I'm a weirdos, a #hacker.
"My crime is that of #curiosity."

So I won't blame you if you feel safer to block me.

(sry for re-upload, had to exchange the file ...twice)
Zine preview!
I was working full force on this piece this week. My OC Rich will appear in the #queer #oc #charity #zine

Launch is yet to be announced. I'll keep you updated!

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Ever wondered what a #hacker is? Or the #demoscene? Go watch #chipzel's great talk on the subject:

Afterwards you should treat yourself to some #chiptune!

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During the second lesson of "Informatica Elementare" (Elementary Informatics) the kids asked me what a #hacker is.

I told: "Nothing interesting... I am a hacker".

They were all: WHAT?

So I explained:
"A hacker is a person deeply moved by #Curiosity. Someone who struggle for #knowledge."

Them: "Someone who want to know everything about other people?"

Me: "No, that's a blabbermouth.
Hackers don't care about what others think or do. They strive to learn how to do the impossible."