With VMware finally announcing its plans to remove the non-complying #GPL code, Hellwig decides not to appeal. The VMware case wraps up:


#Fuchsia exists to get rid of #GPL that somewhat resists to #corporate embrace extend extinguish usual tactics.

Android community control is just an illusion and all developers knows this (even when they don’t like to say it):

There is no real openness in #Google projects: whatever the #license, #patents, political pressure and good ol' money ensure they control everything they touch.

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@aral TIL that if a #Google engineer remove your name from a #GPL codebase you contributed to for 6 months and when called to account coordinates the `git rebase` to remove you from the #history of the project (a @conservancy member) but accidentally squash some of your patches in anyway, drawing obvious conclusions about the people involved and their motivations is... #PARANOIA ! ! !

Don't forget this.

Don't be #paranoic!

They shall do no #Evil! :-D

What are some notable examples of successfully monetizing desktop #GPL free software?

Thinking about changing my little todo list project to #GPL instead of #MIT , but it's hard to jump. The GPL is long, hard to understand, and using a TL;DR explanation is kind of like trusting that they created an accurate summary of the GPL without actually analyzing it yourself.

I like the MIT license because it's brief, I'm not liable for damage, and I don't have a lot of time to go into deep analysis of a long license like GPL, but I'm eager to move to GPL.



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Oh, I did not know an EUPL existed. Interesting:

> EUPL is the first open source licence to be released by an international governing body.


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Uhm... I think you are a bit confused (if you are not trying to troll me 🤣).

Permissive licenses set the whole work they "protect" under the threat of being taken and closed by evil companies.

Using #MIT, #CC0 and so on is much like saying: I don't care, do what you want with this.

It's not donating software to the commons, it's throwing it at the world like if it was #garbage.

I agree that we need a stronger and more reaching #Copyleft than #GPL or #AGPL.

As if the billions from #Fortnite weren't enough, once a mega corp is successful it has to spread into every adjacent market for no apparent reason.

Who even goes to the Epic Store?

GOG has a differentiator at least, DRM-free. What does Epic have?

"We're Epic and we can do this because we have billions in cash at hand. what u gonna do about it"?

It's funny how cancerous corporations infecting everything are, but some of them then have the balls to call the #GPL cancer. 😞

I really wish the #ZFS on #Linux folks would just stop working on their port and join working on ZFS on #FreeBSD, just to get out of this #GPL mess and get appreciation for their work rather than constant flak.

The situation in NZGOAL Software Edition is somewhat better. Public service agencies are advised to license any modifications to an existing codebase under the license the upstream codebase uses, even when they're not legally obliged to (ie a non-copyleft license). When licensing new software, they're advised to use either #GPL (v3+) or "#MIT", and to consider #LGPL or #AGPL where appropriate.

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No, it wouldn't work.
All server side code that produces (as output) #JavaScript wouldn't be reached by neither #GPL not #AGPLv3. Not even #MongoDB #SSPL would give #community access to that code.

That's why I wrote the #HackingLicense license but I'm considering some changes so read it carefully, I'm not a lawyer, not your lawyer: you really need to use your own brain and take full responsibility for it (as with every other license, but people often overlook this).


This is a good question.

Several lawyers all over the world have read the #HackingLicense and provided useful feedbacks that I incorporated in it.

However none of them was MY lawyer: they were either friends or collaborators that gave it a read for free.

According to most, it's as viable as any other license, but it's incompatible with #GPL and in some jurisdiction it might be equivalent to a NC despite it doesn't forbids commercial usage.


I found an interesting app that should prove useful for #fiction #writing. It is #FLOSS freemium software for Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux. The interface is really nice, and I can see it being very useful for keeping track of characters, story ideas, etc.

#GPL #OpenSource