I do disagree with this, in that #Bing's search results aren't just bad because they can only crawl 90% of the sites that #Google can. Bing's results are bad because their ranking algorithms fail to put the information people are searching for at the top of the results. If one clicks through 9 or 10 pages of results, one might find something relevant, which was probably why #Yahoo and #DDG used to deliver better results than Bing, while sourcing most or all of their results from Bing.
Offering to download a browser add-on to prevent data collection by your own services is downright criminal, #Google . Managing data Google Analytics collects on sites you visit Website owners use data collected by Google Analytics to make their sites work better. You can opt out of this data collection by downloading and installing a browser add-on
Today’s #Google doodle celebrates who created a vaccine for #typhus and one for spotted fever.

NOTE: His vaccines did not confer total immunity, but made people less sick and less likely to die if they did get the disease.
@musicman They don't seem to be running Duckbot anymore, just grabbing results straight from #Bing. And Bing's results were almost as bad as Ask's, last time I checked.

So, yeah, I don't know how #DDG (and to some extent #Yahoo) were able to do it before, but their results were far better than Bing's despite mostly coming from Bing. Now, they're pretty similar ... and overall bad.

I still go to #DuckDuckGo first, but more and more, I find myself going to #Startpage or directly to #Google after a failed DDG search.
Apple's App Store had 78% profit margins last year [apple slashdot org]

Though it is hard to feel any sympathy for #Epic_Games (being motivated by wanting to capture gamers in their own store, not to free #iOS users from captivity to Apple's store), I'm leaning toward wanting them to win their suit, just because #Apple and #Google exercise way too much control over what people can install on the devices they pay for.
While I was on my walk, I saw a kid on a bike who reminded me of Charlie from the old neighborhood. So I threw Charlie’s full name into #DuckDuckGo and #Google and followed some links to see whether he left any tracks. So neither search produced the sort of results which used to be routine just a few years ago.

First of all, any time you do this, the top half of results are the “search for anyone and we’ll find them … for a fee” sites. If you go to those sites and throw in first-middle-last name and age, you usually get hundreds of results, but that’s because they are not filtered … there will people from 18 to 80, people who only share one of the names in your search, people who have or had relationships with a person with the name, and people who have aliases close to the name in question.

Next are “close, but no cigar” results: Similar names. Mug shots sites.*

Only then will you see any interesting results.

I haven’t been in contact with Charlie since we were both less than half our current ages. I am pretty sure I saw him walking across a store’s parking lot in the 1990s, but no contact was made. Nor was contact the object of my search. A good chunk of the people I once knew have passed on, so I really just wanted to see whether he was still among the living and to have a general idea where he might be.

* In the past, I did find out about both Steve and Jay because of a mug shots site. Steve is presumably still behind bars in another state. Jay served a year or so and was released.
Also: #Chromium based browser #Brave disables #Google’s #FLoC [brave com] [www theverge com] notes that #Mozilla #Firefox currently has no plans to implement #FLoC and that #DuckDuckGo is already working to block FLoC.

#Microsoft #Edge and #Apple #Safari issued somewhat evasive answers, but it is expected that Apple will be 100% no on FLoC. #Bing sucks balls.

11 years later and this is still true: No one in their right mind would choose Bing over #Google.
Currently downloading 71 GB of compressed takeout data from the retired #Google Play Music service and I have absolutely no idea what's inside.
Here's a good example and explanation of why you want ti move as much of your online life as possible away from #Google (and similar #corpocentric platforms). [arstechnica com] [kotaku com]

#Google closing #Stadia’s internal studios ... bad sign for those who bought into their gaming infrastructure.

I think I saw several people point out when it started that ${NASDAQ[‘GOOG’]} has a tendency to abandon projects when they appear to be starting to succeed. Google Reader is the classic example.
#Fitbit acquired by #Google

> I’m writing today to let you know that Fitbit is now officially part of Google. It’s an incredibly exciting moment for us as a company and for our Fitbit community of users around the globe.

Years ago, I bought a Fitbit device. I closed my account and gave the device away, but they sent this notice today.
I'm hearing that #Google and #Apple are removing the apps for the #Parler #socnet from the #Android PlayStore and the #iOS AppStore.

I'd argue that given their duopoly on mobile operating systems, the power to arbitrarily kick someone out is scary (regardless of how deserving Parler might be; I'm not even sure I've seen a screenshot of the site). I'd argue that this is evidence that the mobile OS and app store groups of both companies need to be split up, so that competition can come ... including strong competition for mobile app stores on each platform.

Again, Parler may deserve it, especially if their users used the socnet to organize their insurrection attempt. (Though I suspect many of them probably used odious #corpocentric sites like #Twitter or #Facebook, which are not being punished.)
From last August: #TikTok caught breaking #Android rules [www marketwatch com]

TikTok collected Android user data using tactic banned by #Google
Apparently, the FTC (and 48 state attorneys general) are suing #Facebook over its monopolistic practices, including buying up emerging competitors. [www politico com] CAUTION: #JavaScrippled [www cnn com] [news yahoo com]

The biggest question on everyone's minds should be where is #USDOJ? They should have sued back when Facebook bought #WhatsApp and #Instagram ... or at the least, been actively involved in prosecuting this lawsuit. It really does seem like DOJ's beef with #Google is that the bribes ^W political contributions weren't large enough or didn't reach the right person.
Of course,it has other consequences, and honestly, if my phone was stolen, I'd want it to get a secure wipe. Search for "Brother Orange" in #DDG or #Google, and you'll see why.

#Android isn't the only one with such a misfeature. In organizations with #Apple #iOS devices, re-use after an employee leaves can be painful. Sometimes, after days or weeks of delay, Apple will inlock the devices for re-use, but sometimes, the org must buy a new phone.