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Today I just noticed I've had more than 1,000 of my pull requests on GitHub merged in total. Yay me! #FOSS #OpenSource #git
Sometimes, working on #FOSS projects is a thankless job, but sometimes you get reminders like these that you aren't just doing it for yourself. #Friendica

I'm so used to use #FOSS websites and tools that I have to heavily restrain myself from offering free help to a commercial website I'm using having what seems to be a common database search design issue.
About a year ago, #MongoDB ( $_NASDAQ['MDB'] ) withdrew its #SSPL license from the OSI process to have it recognized & approved as "Open Source". [opensourceforu com]

I tried to read the SSPL text ( ) myself. I was looking for the #Four_Freedoms ( which are fundamental to all #FOSS licenses ).

I think their real purpose was to make it impossible for SAAS vendors to operate anything dependent on #MongoDB without buying a commercial license instead of the SSPL.

(Would $CLOUD_VENDOR open source everything, including virtualization configs, systemd units, backup scripts in order to keep using MongoDB? Or would they perhaps fork the last truly free version, and together with others in similar straits, take over maintenance and development, cutting off the MongoDB corporate entity? Or visit #Apache's various #NoSQL projects and try out potential replacements?)

Note: I took a cursory glance at financials. MDB is still losing money, but revenue increase 61% last year, so it could break even or be mildly profitable this year, though analysts don't expect a profit within the next three years. [finance yahoo com], [simplywall st]

I looked briefly for a comparison of revenue trends pre-SSPL and post-SSPL, but saw nothing. I should probably devote some more time to it, but that will have to be another time.


Folks please use & support! Game-changer. #FOSS, encrypted alternative to G-Suite/ G-Drive (incl. Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Polls).
H/T to & &


I just released version 2.0.0 of Aparapi!

Aparapi is an Open-source :opensource: framework for executing native Java :java: and Scala code on the GPU.

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La Comunidad Latina de Tecnologías Libres, el Club de Software Libre y Libretec nos invitan a explorar los sistemas de mensajería basados en XMPP. Más detalles en la imagen adjunta.

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It's a good day to touch up my #introduction.

stock model white cis male 40-something #FOSS-friendly geek in Seattle WA USA I write code (mostly #python right now) for work. Non-code hobbies include #drawing and #knitting Otherwise, I am a crow: enthusiastic, sometimes noisy, drawn to shiny objects and junk food I have more words and pics at There is no intended theme, brand, or purpose to my toots. Just what's on my brain that moment.


I'm not as good about content warnings as I could be, especially for food/beverage/eye contact pics my public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged #nobirb - not boosts or replies to other threads though.

HackersGame covers the #Librem5 Birch shipping, audio and data calling and other software updates #Purism #Linux #LinuxPhone #FOSS #OpenSource

After further lurking it looks like #introductions are in order so hi, I'm Aylen. I do organic #gardening and #herbalism, w focus on growing native + adapted food + medicine plants. I'm also interested in #decolonization, #anarchism, #humanrights, #FOSS, #sustainability and love #dogs. Hoping to decrease reliance on centralized social media for my garden logs and read+share cool #solarpunk skills+ideas. Nice to meet everyone, I recognize some of my tumblr friends :)

@strypey the main issue I have is how to delete large numbers of spam users and associated spam projects due to a year or two of open registrations and no one really paying attention to who's creating accounts... there's a new "bulk delete user" admin feature, as well as a "admin moderated account creation" workflow that have been implemented for the enterprise version, but not push to the #FOSS version.

@lightweight I suspect that in most cases, "enterprise" editions are mostly just their specific server configs anyway, along with other stuff that wouldn't be inappropriate or useless to publish. Anything in #GitLab that the self-hosting community actually has a need for tends to get moved to the "#FOSS" edition once someone makes a case for it.

Dear fediverse,
could you recommend me a #FOSS program for pagination? I'm on debian and never had to do such work before.

Imagine being this upset over a fairly ordinary code of conduct.

#FOSS #Godot

I wrote an article about best practices (including travel tips) for PureBoot, @purism 's #FOSS tamper-evident boot firmware that allows the user to control all of the keys and secrets used for the signing process. Check it out here:

Thank you HackersGame for the summary video of all the progress the Librem 5 Team and Community have made in the past year #Purism #Librem5 #FOSS #OpenSource