@musicman That I don’t know how many of them are #FLOSS, but tossing “Java thread dump analyzer” into DDG got me a few different products, including one by IBM and one by Spotify.

@musicman If I recall correctly, it is designed to prevent companies using SSPL licensed software to generate (substantial) profit, instead driving them to purchase a proprietary commercial license instead.

Think about how this would affect Amazon, Microsoft, Google, CenturyLink, and other large cloud hosting providers. This isn’t targeted at people like me, who spin up a server at home and run #MongoDB, #Redis, and similar services in a non-profit manner.

(I sympathize with companies who sponsor #FLOSS projects and find that the largest corporations in the world reap the benefit, but contribute little or nothing to the ongoing development and maintenance of the software. But going fake-open [“fauxpen”] is a case of the cure being worse than the disease.)
Proprietary software 😤

(In a #FLOSS project, the same submitted PR would garner 100+ comments before being closed as inactive or irrelevant)

♲ the first thing our new hire did was fix a bug that's been bugging him forever as a user prior to joining.

he then breathed a sigh of relief and submitted his two weeks' notice. wtf??

Not that it is ever going to be relevant, but #Friendica code is licensed under #AGPL 😎
#OpenSource #FLOSS

♲ If you, for whatever reason, want to make sure your code does not get used by Google - license it under AGPL :) #LifeHack…

Seeing some grumbles about #Hacktoberfest, a #DigitalOcean sponsored event that is meant to increase code contributions to #FLOSS projects. explains part of why it is more controversial this year.

By the way, it appends guid and DeviceID fields to the URL, so make sure to trim off the tracking if you post the link.

This is excellent news: the next major version of @libreoffice , version 7, will include an accessibility checker for ISO 14289 aka PDF/UA:
Microsoft Office seems to have had it for years, and having it in LO7 will be one extra reason to actively recommend the #FLOSS alternative.

Any recommendations on tools to do quizzes / comprehension checks when delivering live training online? I would prefer #FLOSS but open to other ideas too.

I was thinking of rudimentary response collection with an Etherpad, in which people can add a character next to the answer they pick, which is enough to zero in on potential knowledge gaps. But the issue with that is that people can be influenced by other people’s answers.

Boosts appreciated!

@unfa great video about using #floss tools for music production!


La Comunidad Latina de Tecnologías Libres, el Club de Software Libre y Libretec nos invitan a explorar los sistemas de mensajería basados en XMPP. Más detalles en la imagen adjunta.

#XMPP #comunicación #tecnología #tecnologíalibre #SL #softwarelibre #PLICA #FOSS #FLOSS

#Introductions #Introducción

I'm here to follow, learn, share and debate. I'll probably toot more in spanish, but I could do it also in english and I also can speak french. These are some of my interests:

Estoy aquí para seguir, aprender, compartir y debatir. Probablemente tootee más en español pero puede que lo haga también en inglés, y puedo igualmente hablar francés. Éstos son algunos de mis intereses:


In moving to fully #FLOSS systems the biggest headache has been disentangling my online life from the gmail account I made when I was 14. 😓 I'm starting to think I would be better off to just shut it down, and deal with any issues with having wrong email addresses listed as they arise.

Has anyone else managed to escape google's clutches? How did you go about doing it?

I took a hiatus from all social media but I’m back! Might be a good time to intro myself: my name is Chris, I build #synthesizers (mostly analog), make music (funky #techno, #experimental, etc), #ferment stuff (mostly kombucha), and like to #hike and kayak.
I also like #linux, #floss, #vcvrack, #puredata, #tidalcycles, and of course #music in general.

i've researched the whole ebook reader world and I think the Kobo Aura (2013, 6 inch) is the perfect device for me.

There are even open source operating systems for it...

#kobo #aura #floss

Wow. @davidrevoy on making "a big high quality comic book using only FLOSS from scratch!" Done with Krita, Inkscape, Scribus on Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.

#Software #Art #Comics #FLOSS

Hacktoberfest 2019 is underway and PRs are building up! CodiMD has a number of issues waiting for people looking to help out; take a look at them below!

#Hacktoberfest #CodiMD #OpenSource #FLOSS

Where are the #FOSS #FLOSS #OSS projects in the #Fediverse looking for contributions??

It's #Hacktoberfest and you should tag your issues with that label so we can find you and contribute to your projects :heart_cybre:

Looking yet again about static #blog software. wondering about better and more federated #comments

I am rediscovering schnack and am liking the look of it so far:

anyone else with some interesting #selfhosting comment solutions?

#FLOSS #decentralization #federation