“Enhancer for YouTube” est une extension pour Firefox qui propose une tonne de personnalisations pour #news


Enhancer for YouTube is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome which offers a ton of customization #youtube #firefox #chrome


Lately I've been using this awesome #Firefox addon named Temporary Containers.

You can set it on automatic and every time you open a link or a new tab it creates a fresh container for you, then destroys it when your done. This way the fact that every damn site wants to put a cookie on your system doesn't matter anymore.

With sites I want to keep login cookies for, like Mastodon, I just create dedicated containers and have the site always load in them.

Great addon.

Quelqu’un aurait une astuce pour que, dans #Firefox, quand on va sur une page qui met un peu de temps à se charger, le fond soit sombre plutôt que tout blanc ?
Je suis sur un thème sombre et ça me pète les yeux à chaque fois.

semi-regular reminder: the #Firefox and Chrome add-on Bypass Paywalls lets you easily get past the article-hiding nag screens on numerous major media websites, even WSJ

both mozilla and google rudely delisted it from their add-on sites so you have to get it from the author's github:

I've been running #firefox on my work desktop as my daily driver for a while. However at home I kept firefox in permanent locked down private browsing mode - but this changed today as #chromium kept pegging the ageing cpu so I needed to switch my daily driver @ home. Now I need to find a way to configure firefox to use different proxy settings for private and normal modes. Any ideas?

@rain there are free code forks of #Firefox, like #ABrowser and it's not too hard to maintain them. I'm not aware of a single fully libre fork of #Chrome. #Chromium and all the forks I know of have freedom issues.

Just found I can apply CSS rules to #Firefox UI to color the Private Mode window only

@postroutine #Magit in combination with #Forge and I don't need #Firefox any more to contribute on the malefic #GitHub or any #Gitlab instances.

Merge request, pull request, issue tracking… everything under my #GNU Emacs

#question #aide #help #Firefox
Dites les gensses, je me demande s'il y aurait un réglage possible dans about: config pour empêcher FF de bloquer l'ouveture des onglets au bout d'un certain temps ou nombre, (je ne sais pas) lorsque je trie mes flux RSS en ouvrant avec O. Systématiquement au bout d'un moment/nombre, il bloque et me met le message dans la barre jaune..

Alors que le clic milieu de la souris fonctionne normalement, onglet ouvert en arrière-plan sans souci...

Wow, since I hand compiled HEAD of xwayland on #FreeBSD I get glorious vsync results in #Firefox. VERY neat. #wayland

Does anybody know how “Hide Images” works in the iOS Firefox settings? It only seems to have an effect if you enable it after a page has loaded as far as I can tell. The setting remains set, however. So next time you are browsing the web, all the images are there. Then you remember it, toggle it: off! on! And them the images are gone again. This is weird.

@Lunnaris @Liofilizado a lo mejor es que #firefox no tiene permisos para crear accesos directos