¿Sabias que el #fediverse acaba de cumplir 11 años de existencia?

As Spock would say: "fascinating".

A post I made weeks ago has suddenly become popular.

Love it!


Discovered the new #Hyperspace #fediverse client last night and damn its really nice. It's also the first PWA on my iPhone that actually feels like a real app and not just opening a browser with no chrome.

Does anybody know if it is possible to opt out of your toots being cross-posted to Twitter if an account with a #Mastodon #Twitter bridge boosts them?

If I wanted to reach people on antisocial media I wouldn't be on the #Fediverse.

Sérieusement, l'inter-connectivité entre les différentes applications / instances de la #Fediverse, c'est vraiment un argument choc pour basculer définitivement !

Découvrir une vidéo #Peertube sur #Mastodon, pouvoir la commenter directement et voir que mon commentaire est visible à la fois sur Mastodon et sur Peertube, c'est magique !

I'll be looking into community / mesh networks this weekend. Does anyone in the #fediverse have any experience with these?

We just updated our Twitter crossposter and profile, inspired by

Posted this on Twitter:

> Some updates to our Twitter usage: We won't be crossposting any RT from @MastodonProject here anymore. We'll also delete old tweets occasionally. We won't read or reply to any messages here.

> For a better experience join us in the #Fediverse

If you have an account on the #fediverse you can follow us for updates:

Our tweets are crossposted so you won't miss anything, and we have more followers there so you'll probably catch some more discussions than you will on twitter.

In contrast to so many people getting community moderation wrong, here's an absolutely brilliant example of working to get it right:

Mad props to @Gargron and all the people who work to make the #fediverse a safe space for everyone.

@moonman @lain

My only exposure to #Gab is the people who fled and came to the #Fediverse, so I'm not a fan in any way. They don't seem to get that the sh*t they post is the reason that their server keeps losing its hosting, and that no instance admin with any sense wants their other users left "homeless" when Gab-posters' cause de-hosting.

But seriously, how have they not looked at building their own #P2P network instead of crawling from hoster to hoster and from one type of server software to another? If they are "persecuted" and driven off again and again, the last thing they should be thinking is "we'll fork #Mastodon and try to hide our server in the Fediverse".

Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable #reddit / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the #fediverse:


I haven't noticed it but from posts I'm seeing, it sounds like there has been another migratory wave from legacy social web services into the #Fediverse.

I wrote a brief resource aimed at those sorts of users, to help them find a footing in how to communicate here.

I hope it's useful or entertaining!

@spla si, eso no se lo niego pero llegados a este punto prefiero migrar a pleroma por ejemplo que veo que tiene espiritu multiprotocolo.

Aun pudiendo hacer oir tu voz en github una encuesta para saber la opinion del #fediverse seria un síntoma de salud democrática del software hacia su comunidad, hablamos de desconectarnos de media agenda de contactos.

@dalme @puppetmaster @foo @elbinario @tarteka

@puppetmaster no estaría de más que el desarrollo de mastodon fuera algo más democrático, una decisión como la de desconectar de un proyecto pionero del #fediverse como #gnusocial bien vale una encuesta. Sobre todo cuando ves que esta decisión polariza al propio #fediverse

@elbinario @foo @tarteka @dalme

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@xurizaemon @lightweight I recognize that it's a tricky problem, but if we want to avoid the #fediverse devolving into a pseudo-open system dominated by a handful of corporate providers, as email has, figuring out how to start reversing the process for email could be quite informative ...

Bon dia Catalunya, bon dia ***mastocats*** ( els de mastodont cat), bon dia #fediverse.
!tzag 😃

Hey #fediverse it's your art buddy asking for help!
Me and my gf lost almost all our savings due health issues (you can ask @leip4Ier if she's ok with it, she will tell what it was)
If you can afford it, please consider commissioning me! I'm pretty good at drawing girls, cute and semi realistic stuff, and pixels.
If it's too pricey for you, boosts are great too!
#mastoart #commissions #digitalart


"Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts" & "The age of surveillance capitalism"

My head's gonna kaboom. It's all that we here at fediverse already know or have the feeling to know, but reading it crystal clear, using wise and sound arguments put together it's like looking yourself at the mirror and not liking what you're seeing. At all.

.... e estáseme a por a cabeza como un bombo.

Bye #Fediverse!!! Have a nice weekend (if possible).