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We just got word from some antifascist comrades that they managed to takeover the #fascist Auburn White Student Union's twitter page @AUWSU. Their use of a new the handle is priceless! Way to go comrades! Great example of bringing humor to #antifascism. 

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As I reflect on how best to classify #FarRight content in a labelling project, I return to Umberto Eco's "Ur-Fascism", which really helps reveal the fallacious and self-contradictory nature of the #fascist ideology. Always worthy of a read to help understand #fascism when you see it.. and also to understand that humans are vulnerable to deeply flawed stable-states of utterly ridiculous thought-patterns:

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Anyone thinking #fascism isn't (almost) everywhere today, must be a #fascist themselves! :antifa: ✊ 👊 :punchnazis:

Tomorrow it's #Brazil's turn I'm afraid. Only something very extraordinary can change that.

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